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What Part of ‘Learn to Code’ Do We Need to Explain to Laid-Off Journalists?

Posted on | January 28, 2024 | Comments Off on What Part of ‘Learn to Code’ Do We Need to Explain to Laid-Off Journalists?

Does she look particularly Hispanic to you? I say this as someone with a Hispanic son-in-law and daughter-in-law, both of whom are wonderful people from families that are at least as affluent as my own. The notion that every person of Hispanic ancestry is a victim of racist oppression — mired in poverty, “living in the shadows” as “undocumented,” etc. — is contradicted by my own direct observations. Gobbling down grilled steak at poolside with the Argentine in-laws, you don’t really get much of a sense of la lucha continúa radicalism. Just sayin’ . . .

So here is Jean Guerrero, who certainly doesn’t look like some kind of peasant mestizo, bemoaning her recent layoff:

It’s worth mentioning that Guerrero wrote a 2020 book, Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, And The White Nationalist Agenda, which basically smears everyone who voted for Trump as a neo-Nazi. As you might imagine, the replies to her post about being laid off from her newspaper job were iluminado:

We don’t hate her for being Latina. We hate her for being a journalist. Hating journalists is a tradition that can unite all Americans.


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