The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Ace Is Sick and Tired of Jim Swift

One of the amazing things about Ace of Spades is that he will use some of his best material as just throwaway stuff. Like, he’s got a sidebar item now pointing out that Jim Swift, formerly of the Weekly Standard, and currently with the Bulwark, is still ax-grinding against Salena Zito. OK, I know Salena […]

Democrats: No More Heterosexuals!

  Longtime readers may remember Dr. Marcie Bianco. Three years ago, the Harvard-educated lesbian professor inspired me to write this: Two traits are necessary to become a successful feminist: 1.Hate; and 2. Dishonesty. So long as a woman (a) despises men and (b) is willing to tell shameless lies in support of feminism’s anti-male agenda, […]

NBC/MSNBC Smears the Epoch Times

  Nothing more displays the left-wing media’s devotion to propaganda than the way in which they use their influence to attack any journalistic endeavor which contradicts the liberal narrative. They have done this to Rush Limbaugh and every other successful talk-radio host, they have done it to Fox News, they have done it to Breitbart, […]

‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ IRL?

  After our podcast Saturday night, John Hoge and I went out to dinner and he was telling me about his latest engineering project. He does very important work for NASA, but the way he talks about it is so low-key you aren’t likely to realize exactly how important his work is. So we’re sitting […]

Wes Pruden, R.I.P.

  He was 83 years old, and died after spending a full workday in the offices of the Washington Times. He was the last of the old-time newspapermen, and the word “journalist” was prohibited from appearing in the pages of the Times during his tenure as editor-in-chief. That rule was one of several variations from […]

Kathryn Narcisi (a/k/a ‘KC Hill’) Wins Injunction in Bogus Defamation Case

Kathryn Cahill Narcisi is allegedly a singer, who seems to have spent years trying to Be Somebody on the Internet, with such a lack of success that the blogger Turtleboy has dubbed her “Failure Swift.” She evidently has a pattern of marrying and divorcing men, and also of claiming to be sick to get attention […]

New Left-Wing Website Is Doomed

The story is about former Fox News correspondent “Campaign Carl” Cameron joining a website called Front Page Live, but that’s not the real story. Instead, what caught my eye is that the site is run by Joseph Romm, a former Clinton administration official who has spent more than a decade at John Podesta’s Center for […]

A Politically Incorrect Journey

Portrait of R. Emmett Tyrrell in The American Spectator office. ALEXANDRIA, Virginia Because I have a story to cover tonight in D.C., I decided to beat Washington’s notorious rush-hour traffic and drove down to the offices of The American Spectator in the historic Old Town section of Alexandria. Along the way, it occurred to me […]

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