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Thank You for the Orgasmic Pleasure

Posted on | January 27, 2024 | Comments Off on Thank You for the Orgasmic Pleasure

Did I just wake up from dreaming of a three-way with Sydney Sweeney and Olivia Dunne, or is Taylor Lorenz complaining about the downfall of establishment journalism? It makes no difference. Either way, I’m experiencing a pleasant surge of endorphins in my bloodstream.

Permit me to share a few excerpts:

“[The] journalism industry is basically in a freefall. Today the Los Angeles Times laid off 115 employees. . . . But what’s really dark is that this is just the latest in months and months and months of layoffs in the media industry. In fact, tens of thousands of journalists have been laid off in the past year. . . . The newspaper industry is cratering. . . . I don’t think people understand how bad the world would be without journalists.”

Oh, how unbearable life would be without Taylor Lorenz!

As I have previously noted (“Why Is ‘Harassment,’ But What Taylor Lorenz Does Is ‘Journalism’?”), Ms. Lorenz’s professional specialty is doxxing people whose politics she doesn’t agree with. Whatever one might think about the current woes of the journalism industry, we should lament the fact that Taylor Lorenz is still employed while thousands of honest reporters are out of work.


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