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Is New York City in 2024 Better or Worse Than Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692?

Posted on | April 22, 2024 | Comments Off on Is New York City in 2024 Better or Worse Than Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692?

There was less crime in colonial Salem than in Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan, and certainly more justice than Donald Trump is likely to get with Judge Juan M. Merchan presiding over this 21st-century witchcraft trial. Bragg’s theory of the case is that Trump STOLE THE ELECTION from Hillary Clinton in 2016 by arranging for a “hush money” payment to keep Stephanie Gregory (a/k/a “Stormy Daniels”) from telling the world about her “affair” with Trump (which, I feel pretty certain, never happened).

Trump was the victim of an extortion scheme, and “Stormy Daniels” was the perpetrator (or, at least, she was a willing participant in an extortion conspiracy against Trump), but rather than punish the blackmailers, instead Bragg is persecuting Trump, the victim of this crime. A year ago, the House Judiciary Committee sent Bragg a letter:

The New York County District Attorney’s Office has been investigating President Trump since at least 2018, looking for some legal theory on which to bring charges. The facts surrounding the impending indictment have “been known for years.” Michael Cohen, President Trump’s disgraced former lawyer, pleaded guilty over four years ago to charges based on the same facts at issue in the impending indictment. By July 2019, however, federal prosecutors determined that no additional people would be charged alongside Cohen. Now, in the words of one legal scholar, you are attempting to “shoehorn” the same case with identical facts into a new prosecution, resurrecting a so-called “zombie” case against President Trump. Even the Washington Post quoted “legal experts” as calling your actions “unusual” because “prosecutors have repeatedly examined the long-established details but decided not to pursue charges.”

Everybody knows Bragg’s case is bogus, including Bragg.

Bragg and Judge Merchan are both Democrats, and this bogus prosecution is simply the latest Democratic Party operation intended to extend to the entire United States the totalitarian one-party government that exists in New York, by criminalizing opposition. When they talk about “our democracy,” this is what they mean — in “our democracy,” there can be no effective opposition, and never a chance that a Democrat could lose an election. If you express doubt that Joe Biden really got 81 million votes, you’re an “election denier” — a dangerous extremist — and the candidate you voted for will be sent to prison, just to stop you from voting for him again. Alvin Bragg is going to convict Trump of a felony, even if he has to solicit “spectral evidence” to do it.


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