The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Important Truths About ‘Mass Shootings’

Six people shot at graduation party in Anniston — WBMA-TV, May 27 One teen dead, two others injured after graduation party shooting in Thomaston, police say — WXIA-TV, May 28 Man killed, 7 injured after shooting at Chesterfield graduation party — WTVR-TV, June 4 A South Carolina graduation party shooting left 1 dead and 7 […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous (and the Problem With ‘Red Flag’ Laws)

You haven’t forgotten Deb Frisch, have you? In October 2018, Frisch — whose harassment of Protein Wisdom blogger Jeff Goldstein lasted a dozen years — was finally sentenced to four years in a Colorado prison. When last we heard about her, in August 2021, she had been denied parole after ranting insanely at her parole […]

How to Get Shot by the Cops

Lawyer for suspect in deputy involved shooting in Indian River County wants unedited body cam video — WPBF-TV, June 15 This story is a perfect example of how the media undermines law enforcement by giving voice to bogus criticism, especially in cases like this one in Florida, where an armed felon was shot by sheriff’s […]

‘Far-Right Extremists’ Alert!

Readers may be wondering, what have “far-right extremists” been up to lately? Torching synagogues? Assassinating opponents? Advocating genocide? No, they’ve been “storming” a public library in California: Drag queen speaks out after far-right extremists storm children’s event at Bay Area library SAN LORENZO, Calif. (KGO) — A children’s story time turned into a nightmare Saturday […]

He Was Yelling About His ‘Rights’

David Ware’s first arrest as an adult was when he was 18. He was drunk and urinating in a parking lot. When cops arrested him, Ware “became ‘extremely belligerent’ and [Officer Craig] Johnson and his backup officer opted to call for a special prisoner transport van rather than take Ware to jail in one of […]

Crazy or Evil? We Report, You Decide

Say hello to Michael Cook, 33, of Phoenix. His mother says Cook has been diagnosed with schizophrenia but doesn’t take his medicine. This may partly explain his brutal assault last week on 22-year-old Maria Coronado, who was working at a telephone store when Cook suddenly attacked her, a crime captured by store surveillance video: This […]

Norms Restored: FBI Now Literally Arresting Republican Candidates

At a time when leftists are attempting to assassinate Supreme Court justices — never mind gas at $5 a gallon and the risk of Ukraine turning into World War III — our federal government is arresting Republicans who made the mistake of thinking America is still a free country: A Republican candidate for Michigan governor […]

‘Killadelphia’ Update: Amanda Marcotte Escapes Death in South Street Massacre

Look, we don’t expect expert marksmanship from gang-bangers gunning it out on the streets of Philly, but oh, what an opportunity they missed! After reassuring multiple people by text that my partner and I had been tucked safely in bed at 11:30 on Saturday night, I finally cracked and posted a general reassurance on Facebook. […]

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