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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Return of the Aspiring Rapper Update

A few headlines from recent months: Aspiring rapper fatally shot by 2 men on moped in Washington Heights: law enforcement source — WPIX-TV, Sept. 4, 2020 Aspiring rapper found dead in trunk of longtime friend — WJAX-TV, Oct. 27, 2020 San Antonio murder suspect is aspiring rapper also charged in deadly Austin shooting — KSAT-TV, […]

Philly to Chicago: ‘Hold My Beer’

Every time I write about the ghastly homicide toll in Chicago, our friend Dana Pico pipes up to remind me that the per-capita homicide rate in Philadelphia is actually worse. Do the math, says Dana, and the homicide rate in Chicago currently works out to about 27 per 100,000 population annually, while in “Kill-a-delphia,” the […]

Mindless Carnage Continues in Chicago

Covering homicide in Chicago must be like covering the weather: “Partly cloudy with widely scattered afternoon and evening gunfire . . .” At least 53 people had been shot in Chicago this weekend as of Sunday afternoon, and five of them had been killed. At least nine of the surviving victims were under 18, with […]

Mystery Gunmen in D.C.

Police are baffled: Six people were injured and one 6-year-old girl killed in a shooting that took place in Washington, D.C., Friday night. The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia released a video statement regarding the shooting, which took place shortly after 11 p.m. Executive Assistant Chief Ashan M. Benedict said police heard […]

Yet Another Aspiring Rapper Update

Say hello to Abdul Kareem Robinson, Jr., who is now in police custody, but who nearly died in 2015, when he was targeted in a shooting the Grand Park neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. News accounts noted that Robinson is “one of the sons of Abdul Karim Robinson, 44, who was among the city’s most notorious […]

Another Aspiring Rapper Update

Say hello to Zerail Dijon Rivera, a/k/a “Indian Red Boy.” You can also say good-bye to him while you’re at it, because the screenshot above depicts the moment when Indian Red Boy, who was doing an Instagram Live chat with a fellow rapper, looked up to see the gunman who killed him: A young Los […]

Aspiring Rapper Update

Say hello to Jacquavius Dennard Smith, a/k/a “9lokkNine,” whose stage name is pronounced “Glock 9,” like the pistol, see? Regular readers may have noticed that “aspiring rapper” is a dangerous gig: The Death of ‘Quono’ — Sept. 13, 2020 Rapper Killed by ‘Systemic Racism’ and Semiautomatic Pistol Fire, But Mainly … — Nov. 6, 2020 […]

What’s Happening in Houston?

Say hello to Danny Garcia Cazares. Thankfully, you can also say good-bye to him, because he’s dead now, and will no long terrorize Texas, which is what he did every day of his worthless criminal life: Houston police said in a statement that Cazares had a history of mental illness and was arrested three times […]

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