The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Activists Demand ‘Justice’ After Black Teens Murdered in Sacramento Mall

Remember when Black Lives Matter activists made “defund the police” the core demand of their movement? After two teenagers were shot to death Friday, now they want police to apprehend the killer: The family of two teenagers killed during a Friday shooting inside the Arden Fair mall spoke out on Saturday during a tearful vigil […]

The Biden Agenda: ‘South Minneapolis Is Worse Than I’ve Ever Seen It’

Kowalski’s Market is a grocery store chain in the Minneapolis area. Their store at 2440 Hennepin Avenue serves the so-called “Uptown” neighborhood southeast of downtown Minneapolis. Unfortunately for local shoppers, (a) liberals in Minneapolis decided to “defund” their police department and (b) Uptown is in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s congressional district. A column in the local […]

‘The Vision of the Anointed’ Returns

One of the most predictable consequences of a Joe Biden presidency — assuming the Democrats get away with this obvious fraud — will be an astonishing increase in violent crime. Recall that in the five or six months prior to the election, riots occurred across America in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, dedicated […]

A Short Probation in Chicago

Say hello to Kamari Pleasant of Cook County, Illinois. On Nov. 2, Kamari was sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to a gun charge. Less than three weeks later, he was back in custody: A convicted felon who just started serving probation on a weapons charge was hunting for rivals in a South […]

When Police Yell ‘Drop the Knife,’ Guess What Happens If You Don’t?

Antonio Estrada, 26, has been charged with arson, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest in connection to a series of incidents that ended with San Francisco cops shooting Estrada. Shortly before 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 17, San Francisco 911 started getting calls about a fire in an apartment building on Ellis Street. […]

$57 Worth of Hamburgers and Corn Dogs

Four quarter-pound hamburgers, six quarter-pound double burgers, 12 corndogs and a Queso burger — that’s what Roberto Carlos Silva, 23, allegedly ordered from Sonic Drive-Thru in Nebraska using an app in an identity-theft case last week. Silva was arrested and released from jail Thursday. He returned to Sonic on Saturday and shot four people: Bellevue […]

When Police Yell ‘Drop the Gun,’ Guess What Happens If You Don’t?

Say hello to Rasheed Moorman, who may have been the unluckiest criminal in America. Or maybe he was just stupid. Notice my use of the past-tense verb “was.” Rasheed’s final crime was not his first. A previous exercise in criminal stupidity nearly killed him when, in 2014, he and an accomplice attempted to rob a […]

The ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Movement Is Dangerous, and Yet Often Hilarious

If you never heard of the “sovereign citizen” movement, these are a species of kook who are, in fact, the domestic terrorist movement that most concerns law enforcement officers, because cops have to deal with these idiots who imagine themselves exempt from the law. The “sovereign citizen” claims to be in possession of “rights” that […]

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