The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘A Routine Traffic Stop’

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is more than 300 miles from Chicago, and it’s almost a five-hour drive — if you’re doing the speed limit, that is. On the other hand, if you’re doing 110 mph in a late-model Dodge Charger, the trip won’t take nearly as long. Except, of course, if you get pulled over by […]

GOOD NEWS from Chicago!

Given the unrelenting grimness of the city’s crime wave — 735 people were murdered in Chicago last year, and another 2,937 were wounded by gunfire — it’s not often we hear anything positive, hopeful and uplifting from Cook County, but here’s a reason to smile: A carjacker was killed in the Loop on Thursday evening […]

Crime Is Not Just a Statistic

A friend sent me the video of a robbery in Chicago this week in which the victim was his mother-in-law. The robbers stole her $50,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and police tell CWB Chicago that this gang of robbers is believed to be responsible for many other such recent crimes. Finding data about crime in the […]

Suspect Charged for Hit-and-Run That Killed Three Outside Chicago Gay Bar

We previously reported on this Aug. 14 incident in which three men — Donald Huey, 25, Devonta Vivetter, 27, and Jaylen Ausley, 23 — were fighting in the street outside the Jeffery Bar (“one of the oldest and longest continuously running Black gay bars in the nation”) at 5 a.m. when they were killed by […]

Three Killed in ‘Intentional’ Attack Outside Black Gay Bar in Chicago

Chicago police officials said Monday that a high speed hit-and-run that killed three men outside a well-known South Shore gay bar appears to be an intentional attack. Now some groups are calling for the triple fatal to be investigated as a hate crime. The horrific crash, captured on video, shows a driver of a sedan […]

Chicago Massacre Suspect Had Felony Record, Told Cops He ‘Had to Do It’

Say hello to Jaylun Sanders, 21, and his alleged accomplice, Kameron Abram, 20. Sanders is charged in the murder of two people in last week’s shooting near a McDonald’s on Chicago’s northside that also left seven other people injured. WFLD-TV reports: Cook County prosecutors released new information Sunday about charges against Jaylun Sanders, accused of […]

Hundreds Dead in Chicago; Guess Why Mayor Frogface Issued a ‘Call to Arms’?

The year-to-date homicide total in Chicago has already topped 200, but the city’s Amphibian-American mayor isn’t worried about that. In an average week, 11 people are murdered in Chicago. You might think reducing this deadly violence would be a top priority for Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a task that would absorb all of her attention. Nevertheless, […]

Humans Dying in Mayor Frogface’s Town

As Chicago’s first Amphibian-American mayor, Lori Lightfoot has difficulty relating to the problems of mammals. While it may be unfair to accuse Mayor Frogface of anti-human prejudice, she just doesn’t seem to have a lot of sympathy for us warm-blooded creatures: At least 35 people were shot, five of them fatally, Friday into Sunday morning […]

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