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‘Nice Guys Finish Last’: Red Pill Truth About a Tennessee Murder Case

Posted on | April 28, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’: Red Pill Truth About a Tennessee Murder Case

Abusive people tend to have keen sense of who will tolerate their abuse, and will not associate with anyone who stands up to them. Having extensive experience of dealing with sociopaths, my observations on this subject ought to carry some weight, and my advice to anyone would be: Avoid them, if possible, but never back down from them.

Never show weakness. Never be deceived. Don’t be played for a chump.

Sociopaths are selfish, dishonest and cruel. They take sadistic pleasure in inflicting harm on others, and congratulate themselves in getting away with it. Success in manipulating others — gaming the system to their advantage — is a source of self-esteem to the sociopath. They escape consequences by exploiting the desire of decent people to avoid unnecessary conflict. Sociopaths are very clever when it comes to enlisting others to be unwitting accomplices in their malevolent schemes.

If you are insufficiently “street smart,” you may not notice the telltale evidence that you’re dealing with a sociopath, and you won’t realize that the only safe move, in regard to such people, is avoidance.

Did I mention that sociopaths are often charming, attractive people?


Chandra Beth Williams was a “single mom” when she met Bryan Lawson, and that should have been a red flag warning to avoid her. Am I being too harsh here? Perhaps, but there has to be a reason — a backstory — to explain why a pretty blue-eyed blonde finds herself in that situation.

Good-looking young people are seldom single. The more attractive a person is, the more likely they are to be in a relationship. Young men have to learn this common-sense principle and act accordingly. If you meet a pretty blue-eyed blonde, just assume she already has a boyfriend or husband, because otherwise you’re likely to get in trouble. However, should you discover such a woman is single, be suspicious.

What’s the backstory? “A pretty face can hide an evil mind,” to quote an old Johnny Rivers hit, and what can you deduce from the fact that an unusually attractive woman is single? Is there something wrong with her personality? Is she on the wrong side of The Hot/Crazy Matrix?

Look, I understand that bad things sometimes happen to good people, through no real fault of their own. There are innocent victims in the world, and perhaps the good-looking single mom is one of them. But a naïve young man, dazzled by her beauty, is unlikely to be sufficiently skeptical to investigate such a woman’s character, to look before he leaps. That’s the short story of what happened to Bryan Lawson.


Bryan married Chandra and became a good stepfather to her son. Both he and Chandra developed substance-abuse problems, becoming addicted to opioids, but when Chandra gave birth to their son, Bryan quit the drugs. Chandra’s behavior became increasingly more abusive. After a burglary, the couple had installed a video surveillance system in their apartment, and the camera caught the last confrontation between Chandra and Bryan. She threatened him with a baseball bat, and he shot her to death.

A few hours after Bryan was arrested, a man called the sheriff’s office to report a relevant fact: Chandra’s son was not Bryan’s son.

She had cheated on Bryan. He had been cuckolded. It was not until after Chandra was dead that this truth was discovered by a DNA test.

Bryan Lawson had been the victim of a sociopath and, given the video evidence of Chandra’s abusive violence, his lawyers believed that Bryan might be acquitted by a jury, having shot her in self-defense.

As revealed in A&E’s documentary series Accused, however, Bryan Lawson ultimately decided to accept a plea bargain, being sentenced to 15 years in prison, although he’ll likely be paroled after three years.

Perhaps nothing could have saved Bryan Lawson from his fate. Some guys are just natural-born chumps, and the sociopath in search of a victim will always find such people, as if guided by radar. We could examine the Bryan Lawson case to see what factors made him uniquely vulnerable to a monster like Chandra, but that misses the point.

Anyone might be deceived by a sociopath, if we were not warned to recognize and avoid them. The danger posed by the sociopath’s warped character — dishonest, selfish and cruel — is seldom apparent when first meeting such people who, as I say, are often attractive and charming. When we look at someone like NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere, for example, it’s easy to dismiss his victims as gullible fools, but that overlooks Raniere’s charismatic qualities, and the sociopathic cunning by which he attracted naïve spiritual “seekers” to himself.

One of the basic methods by which sociopaths engage their victims is called “mirroring,” reflecting back at us an image calculated to gain our trust and sympathy. Victims of this tactic will often speak of having felt an instant emotional “connection” the first time they met the sociopath.

Sociopaths have no conscience, they are incapable of empathy, and yet they are very good at faking these qualities, because they know that this charade — creating an image of themselves as sensitive and caring — will cause their victims to consider them trustworthy. And while it is possible that anyone might be deceived by the sociopath, becoming the victim of a sociopath is not entirely random.

“Nice guys finish last,” Leo Durocher once famously said, which doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be nice. Rather, the problem is that if you prioritize being “nice” as a core principle of your life, you are apt to become a victim of those who are willing to cheat to get their way.

Bryan Lawson was a textbook case of Nice Guy Syndrome, willing to play “white knight” for the single mother Chandra Williams, and patiently enduring her abusive behavior until, at last, he was forced to kill her in a desperate act of self-defense. The fact that Chandra cuckolded Bryan, deceiving him into believing he was the father of the child she conceived in adultery, is scarcely surprising under these circumstances.

You should read The Rational Male, and follow Rollo on Twitter. People don’t want to see the cold, hard truth about situations like what happened to Bryan Lawson. The Red Pill is not a pleasant taste, but the medicine is necessary if you want to avoid becoming a chump.

UPDATE: I shared this post with Rollo, who responded by referring me to his 2012 post, “Single + Hot = Crazy.” The common-sense point is this: An unusually attractive woman can have her choice of partners, so if you meet such a woman who is single, the obvious question is: Why?

Whatever the answer is, the wise man must evaluate this explanation in terms of how it reflects on the woman’s personality and habits. If a guy is just looking for a fling, he might be less scrupulous in this regard, but if he’s looking for Wife Material, it behooves him to be cautious.

If it seems too good to be true, it is probably neither good nor true.



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