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Joe Biden’s Partisan Media Protection Bubble Has Finally Begun Collapsing

Posted on | April 30, 2020 | 1 Comment


Let’s be clear what’s going on here: If the liberal media really believed that Joe Biden could beat Trump in November, they would have stonewalled Tara Reade’s accusations forever. But as partisan as they are, they are not blind, and anyone who watched Biden stumbling in every media appearance the past two months can see he’s hopelessly addled. The man cannot speak a coherent sentence, and would self-destruct in the fall debates, so the Democrats won’t really be sacrificing anything if this sexual assault accusation takes Joe down. All of that is preamble to what Chris Hayes did on MSNBC Wednesday night:

Is the dam breaking on the Joe Biden sexual assault case? . . . On Wednesday night, liberal host Chris Hayes featured the story in depth for over eight minutes. . . .
Hayes admitted that during #MeToo there have been moments “when we have heard about accusations against someone that we find ourselves desperately wanting not to believe.” Like, presumably, the Tara Reade case. The host struggled and stammered in parts of the segment, but he admitted that the credibility of Reade is “rising” . . .

One of the things that happened in #MeToo, and a piece of evidence that has risen in how I evaluate these stories is a somewhat contemporaneous disclosure to a trusted person who then tells a reporter about it. That is what has happened here. And to me, that has been, in terms of what the evidentiary record is, has raised it a bit in terms of my own view of this. . . .

Hayes began the segment by essentially admitting that liberals are struggling in how this brewing controversy impacts their “side”:

Throughout the entire #metoo era there have been moments I think for many of us, all of us, when we have heard about accusations against someone that we find ourselves desperately wanting not to believe, whether that is because we have some personal admiration for the individual or their work, or political admiration, someone on our quote, unquote “side.”

He added, “Part of the difficult lesson of the #metoo era is not that every accusation is true, and everything should be believed on its face, but that you do have to fight yourself when you feel that impulse. And that is the case with the accusations by a woman named Tara Reade against Joe Biden.”


Of course, no one wants to believe someone on “our side” is guilty of scandalous wrongdoing. Politics is a team sport that way. Conservatives who care about “family values” have had to grit our teeth and endure embarrassing revelations about people on “our side,” which always makes me angry because, hey, how hard is it to keep your zipper zipped? Like, you get elected to Congress — a pretty damned important job — and you’re going to mess that up by chasing a piece of side action? That’s childish and irresponsible, and you never should have run for public office if you wanted to behave that way. Of course, in this case, Biden is accused not merely of adultery — Democrats don’t give a damn about that — but rather of non-consensual sexual aggression. And the question is not so much about guilt or innocence — because who can say with any degree of certainty what happened in 1993? — but rather about whether Democrats are willing to judge Biden by the standard they applied to Brett Kavanaugh. If the rather flimsy claims of Christine Blasey Ford were enough to justify the public smearing of Kavanaugh, then how can Democrats defend Biden against Tara Reade’s accusation, which is infinitely more plausible? Keep in mind that no one, not even Ford’s own friend, could so much as verify that the party she described had happened. Even if you were willing to believe Ford’s account, this was when Kavanaugh was teenager in high school, whereas Biden in 1993 was chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.

As I say, it will be easier for Democrats to throw Biden under the wheels of their #MeToo bus because he’s doomed anyway.

“My son’s business dealings were not anything where everybody that he’s talking about, not even remotely, number one.”

That is an actual sentence from a Biden interview this week. It’s incoherent gibberish, as is practically everything coming out of Biden’s mouth nowadays. The man is non compos mentis.

Does anyone want to bet me? I’ve got $20 that says Biden will not be on the ballot in November, but I doubt anyone would take that wager.



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