The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Unlimited Wretchedness of MSNBC

This morning I switched my office TV to MSNBC — I watch, so you don’t have to — and it quite frankly ruined my whole day. After having watched coverage of the Nashville shooting on Fox News, the thought occurred to me, “Hey, I wonder what they’re saying about this over on Morning Joe?” Because […]

MSNBC’s ‘Right-Wing’ Obsession

Following an afternoon nap, I awoke and returned to my downstairs office where the TV was on Fox News live coverage of the Murdaugh trial in South Carolina, which is the most boring thing in the world and I have no idea why anyone thinks otherwise. There’s no element of suspense to the trial, since […]

MSNBC: ‘January 6 Now! January 6 Tomorrow! January 6 Forever!’

What is it with some people named Wallace, eh? At any rate, today my office TV was tuned to Fox News until I got bored with endless repetition: “THE CHINESE SPY BALLOON!” So at 4 p.m., I changed the channel to MSNBC and thereby entered a time warp, as Nicolle Wallace spent the first 22 […]


Because nobody could have seen this coming? MSNBC Cuts Ties Unexpectedly With Weekend Host Tiffany Cross Who is Tiffany Cross? When and how did she become an MSNBC host? In July 2020, her book Say It Louder: Black Voters, Our Voices, and the Shaping of American Democracy was published. That same month, Joy Reid’s new […]

Early Front-Runner Emerges for 2022 ‘Media Gaslighter of the Year’ Award

Gaslighting is . . . loosely defined as making someone question their own reality. The term may also be used to describe a person (a “gaslighter”) who presents a false narrative to another group or person which leads them to doubt their perceptions and become misled (generally for the gaslighter’s own benefit), disoriented or distressed. […]

CNN ‘Stepped Up,’ Covered Avenatti Prison Sentence, MSNBC Didn’t

Credit where credit is due — the Media Research Center’s Curtis Houck notes that CNN covered the story of former Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti being sentenced to prison on extortion charges, while MSNBC continued to ignore Avenatti’s downfall. So CNN (where Avenatti made 122 appearances during his 2018 heyday as an anti-Trump hero) has […]

Joe Scarborough Completely Loses His Mind in Bizarre Televised Breakdown

Before we get into the unfortunate news of a former Republican congressman’s descent into stark screaming madness, I just want to say to our readers: Are you feeling OK? Have you had any unusual stress on your job or problems in your relationships? Because our caring staff here at the McCain Institute for Abnormal Psychology […]

Mask Fetishists Mourn End of an Era

Joe Biden was having a terrible week and, I suspect, James Carville must have advised the White House that it was a bad look for them to be insisting that people keep wearing masks even after they’d been vaccinated against COVID-19. Also, what else could explain why the American Federation of Teachers — the radical […]

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