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Posted on | November 4, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Unexpectedly’!

Because nobody could have seen this coming?

MSNBC Cuts Ties Unexpectedly
With Weekend Host Tiffany Cross

Who is Tiffany Cross? When and how did she become an MSNBC host?

In July 2020, her book Say It Louder: Black Voters, Our Voices, and the Shaping of American Democracy was published. That same month, Joy Reid’s new weekday show, The ReidOut, started, and Cross became one of a handful of rotating guest hosts of AM Joy. . . . In December, Cross was named host of a new two-hour show on MSNBC, Cross Connection . . . replacing Reid’s AM Joy Saturday slot.

Notice the timing? A few weeks after the George Floyd riots started, Joy Reid got promoted from her weekend slot to a five-day-a-week show and Cross, who had frequently been a guest on Reid’s show, became one of a rotating case of fill-in hosts, before finally getting her own show.

It would appear that MSNBC had a programming quota — basically, The Angry Black Woman Weekend Show — but after the George Floyd riots, they carved out another spot on their weekday schedule, and that created an opportunity for Tiffany Cross. What did she do with that opportunity? Well, she ranted against white people with such vehemence that, a couple of weeks ago, Tucker Carlson compared her to the militant Hutu radio broadcasts that incited the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.


You might have thought that would have gotten Tiffany Cross’s attention, and inspired her to tone down her rhetoric, but if that’s what you expected, your expectations would have been disappointed.

“Unexpectedly”! Did anybody at MSNBC bother to investigate Tiffany Cross’ background before they hired her? Were there no warning signs, no red flags, nothing to suggest she might be “problematic”?

Y’know, maybe the fact that she was past 40 and, despite all the “diversity” efforts by major media organizations, she wasn’t already working for a network? When she got her own MSNBC show in December 2020, Cross was “a resident fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, [and] previously worked as D.C. bureau chief for BET Networks and as a field producer for CNN.”

Hmmm. So she’d been a field producer for CNN about 20 years ago, but they didn’t keep her on staff? Reckon why that was? You think maybe somebody at CNN noticed she was a hate-filled lunatic?

But while we’re on the topic of utterly predictable media failures, CNBC has canceled Shepard Smith’s show — “unexpectedly”!



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