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Sarah Palin at Restoring Honor Rally

Posted on | August 28, 2010 | 26 Comments

The world’s biggest Facebook page provides full text of her speech at Glenn Beck’s event in Washington, D.C.:

In cities and towns across our country, you’ll find monuments to brave Americans wearing the uniforms of wars from long ago, and look down at their inscriptions, you’ll see that they were so often dedicated by mothers. In distant lands across the globe, you’ll find silent fields of white markers with the names of Americans who never came home, but who showed their dedication to their country by where they died.
We honor those who served something greater than self and made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those who served and did come home forever changed by the battlefield. Though this rally is about “restoring honor,” for these men and women honor was never lost! If you look for the virtues that have sustained our country, you will find them in those who wear the uniform, who take the oath, who pay the price for our freedom. . . .

Read the whole thing — a welcome antidote to that SEIU thug who said the thousands of peaceful citizens who turned out for Beck’s rally “represent hate-mongering and angry white people.”

UPDATE: Sissy Willis has some relevant thoughts on Obama’s “Hellenistic hubris” and links Melissa Clouthier:

Lots of people, hundreds of thousands of them showed up for the Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial. The bitter clingers keep showing up.

“Bitter clingers of America, unite!

UPDATE II: Smitty was in attendance at the rally, and I’m sure he’ll have more to report if he ever makes it back home. Meanwhile, Instapundit rounds up the crowd estimates — it seems that 300,000 is the, er, conservative estimate — and quotes a reader’s e-mail:

In other words, Glenn Beck’s rally drew more people than Keith Olbermann has viewers.

Wonder how many would turn out for a Keith Olberman rally? He could call it “Restoring Unpopularity.”

UPDATE III: Looks like Dave C. from Point of a Gun car-pooled with Admiral Smith:

Smitty and I arrived right when the rally started and couldn’t crowd our way up more than halfway up along the Reflecting Pool. Those press credentials I printed out myself could only get so far.

Doggone it, guys, if I could have been there — $678! — we would have been chilling backstage with Glenn and Sarah.

Obviously, I need to start teaching seminars on how to b.s. your way past security: First, always wear a sports coat and a shirt with a collar.

Forget about comfort. If you’ve got an official full-access credential, you can dress like a fat tourist on vacation, but otherwise, it’s important to look like a legitimate member of the working press. And nothing says “legit” like a sports coat and button-down oxford.

Remember: There is no law against impersonating a journalist.

UPDATE IV: “Bummer about that turnout, Al.”

UPDATE V: Jimmie Bise Jr. links reports from Smitty and many other bloggers who attended:

I prefer to get my news from people who were at the rally, instead of those who carp and snark from the sidelines.