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Yeah, I Thought The 34 Ship Story A Trifle Inflated

Posted on | November 5, 2010 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

Having enjoyed a few deployments a couple decades ago, you don’t just go taking large amounts of warships and throwing them at places, unless they have names like San Diego or Norfolk. Singapore. Hong Kong. Then, you’re stuck anchoring out and taking barges in. Dealing with the sewage, fuel, trash, and fresh water is a nightmare. These are just the actual operational aspects.
The politics of squids being squids, and the ridiculous carbon footprint of warships (which may not affect the air quality in some places) would completely outweigh the ‘vulgar display of power’ value. And wouldn’t that be rather Bush-y, anyway? (Actually not; W and the military enjoy mutual affection.)
BHO should go hang out with the Navy. Take in some carrier flight ops. Some DIVTACS. Then he can return and explain to “Gentleman” Jim Moran that the military indeed offers a service to the public.


9 Responses to “Yeah, I Thought The 34 Ship Story A Trifle Inflated”

  1. Tim of ANgle
    November 5th, 2010 @ 10:18 am

    DIVTAC? Try the game Harpoon.