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Thanksgiving Day Traffic Suckage Alert: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Edition

Posted on | November 25, 2010 | 17 Comments

You should hit my tip jar today. Why? Because Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Holiday Traffic Suckage Season, which has been known to cause severe cases of Blogger Mood Disorder.

We bloggers live or die by traffic. When traffic is up, we’re happy. When traffic is down, we’re sad. Blog traffic goes in the toilet on Thanksgiving and doesn’t recover until January.

Why? Because about 70% of blog traffic comes from “Bored At The Office” (BATO) readers, goofing off in their office cubicles when they’re supposed to be working. When people take vacation and holidays and start trying to use up their personal-leave days before the end of the year, that translates to less BATO readership, and traffic suffers.

Well, good for you people enjoying your holidays — and bad for us bloggers. Our lives lose meaning and purpose. What’s the point of writing about politics, when nobody’s reading? Declining traffic leads to depression and depression leads to vicious flame wars. It can get ugly.

There is only one way to avert this predictable descent into the madness caused by Holiday Traffic Suckage Season. Just hit the tip jar, and my mood will instantly improve. It’s amazing how that works.

Obviously, Steve Bartin at News Alert is desperately trying to stave off seasonal traffic suckage. Why else would he feature this video of Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?

You should probably go to News Alert and hit Steve’s tip jar, because he’s a great guy who provides a very useful service. But first hit my tip jar, before the Blogger Mood Disorder gets out of control.


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