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Rule 5 Sunday Falls On A Monday This Week

Posted on | December 27, 2010 | 9 Comments

I won’t bore you with excuses as to why this is so; content yourselves with the knowledge that after a crappy day shoveling snow, fighting gale-force winds, or whatever it was you were doing outside today, you have a cornucopia of lush Rule 5 pulchritude to warm yourself with as you sit before your monitor with a warm beverage.

Appropriately enough, we begin with Match Pricks’ commemoration of Boxing Day. Nice gloves!

Next, Yankee Phil reveals that Lady Gaga, for one, is unimpressed by Europe’s cold weather. He also adds this impressive collection of Rule 5 linkagery.

Dave C. sends this verse with his submissions:

For Robert Stacy and his blogging apprentice, Wombat
Who is standing in for Smitty, may he ne’er see combat
I hereby declare these following entries for my Sunday, rule five.
In the hopes that Christmas traffic should not only grow but thrive.

He follows this with a helpful PSA From Team Unicorn, Zooey Deschanel singing us a song, Sarah Chang giving her fiddle a workout, and a double feature of Megan Kelly and Ronald Reagan on the evils of socialized medicine.

Somewhat chastened by last week’s tirade by the Boss, Soylent Green offers a Yuletide Spassfabrik damsel who is definitely at least PG-13. Maybe even M. I’ll have to study this one more closely…

…but in the meantime, let us hearken to WyBlog’s tale of Christmas tipping. If we can tear ourselves away from the illustration, that is.

On a  more serious note, Uncoverage reveals the sordid tale of how the late Anna Nicole Smith apparently brought the government of the Bahamas to its knees. Or something.

The JerseyNut regales us with a magnificent assortment of babes barely clad in Santa costumes, Fishersville Mike submits an interesting photo of Santa and a couple of his helpers at the Brickyard, and Chaz at Dustbury sends us tidings of Jennifer Aniston and The Veronicas.

Finally, Troglopundit wraps up this week’s Rule 5 bounty with a foursome of Troglofavebabes who made the Maxim Hot 30 and a homemade version of the “leg lamp” from some obscure Christmas movie.

Thanks to all for your submissions and patience!
Send next week’s pinup possibilities to Rule5Wombat!


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