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No, Smitty Did Not Write a Novel

Posted on | January 27, 2011 | 6 Comments

This headline could be unfortunately misleading:

Revealed: Former McCain Aide Is
Anonymous Author of ‘O: A Presidential Novel’

No, it wasn’t our loyal co-blogger, but rather a former aide to Senator John McCain who has been identified:

It was obvious from skimming ‘O: A Presidential Novel,’ written by anonymous and published Tuesday after an intense publicity campaign, that its author was male, on the political center-right, and not a professional writer. The writing lacked the finesse of a pro, described women in vivid physical terms, and imagined for the president a disdain for liberal Democrats that echoed the way conservatives talk about liberals, rather than the way reporters or mainstream Democrats do.

While he certainly has a “disdain for liberal Democrats,” Smitty has never “described women in vivid physical terms.” That’s my job.


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