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Ten House Democrats Join GOP Vote for De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Posted on | February 18, 2011 | 23 Comments

And seven Republicans voted “no” so that the final vote was 240 “yes” (for de-funding) and 185 “no” (against de-funding).

UPDATE: Steve Ertelt at Life News:

The fight to stop Planned Parenthood funding is not over as the amendment is part of a continuing resolution bill needed to fund the federal government and the funding apparatus still faces Senate action and likely conference committee action — which could ultimately leave the amendment out of the final draft of the bill that goes to pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Michelle Malkin has more. There seems to be some confusion as to whether nine or 10 Democrats voted “yes.”

UPDATE II: Still no roll call results yet, because debate over the continuing resolution and a long series of amendments is causing a serious logjam:

The passage of the Planned Parenthood defunding measure, sponsored by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), came after the House debated the amendment for almost three hours Thursday night.

The House could be in session all the way into Saturday morning.

UPDATE III: Shane Vander Hart quotes Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List: “[Defunding Planned Parenthood] must be a top priority in the Continuing Resolution battle. Taxpayers have strongly rejected their complicity with Planned Parenthood in the sex trafficking of underage girls.”

UPDATE IV: Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters chronicles the neutral objectivity of ABC News.

UPDATE V: Cubachi has video of Mike Spence’s speech last night:

Much more at Memeorandum.

UPDATE VI: You may have heard of this guy, who used to be kinda important:

UPDATE VII: Nowadays, Ace of Spades is far more important. If he was to link a brother, you’d notice the traffic. Just sayin’ . . .


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