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Rule 5 Sunday: Getting To First Base

Posted on | February 20, 2011 | 4 Comments

Sometimes, in my haste to throw shit together carefully prepare linkagery for the Loyal Readers, I inadvertently overlook contributions by our friends and allies in the Axis of Cheesecake. Last week was one of those  occasions, and I do penance for it by moving Proof Positive to the leadoff spot in this week’s revue of attractive ladies. Proof led off his submissions with Carly Foulkes and a true classic, Julie Newmar, but unfortunately he followed this with a truly horrible example of anti-rule 5 work, a P-shop of Arianna Huffington which is truly NSA (Not Safe Anywhere). View at your own risk.

And now we return you to your regular leadoff hitter, Soylent Green, who opens his weekly links with a truly fine example of pulchritude in Marine Corps body paint. He also provides a much-needed service by giving us a look at the new Wonder Woman, Adrienne Palicki, follows that with some Hump Day Hawtness, and finishes up with a Friday Confabulation of fabulous corsets and the women that fill them. If I didn’t have to finish this post, I’d be in my bunk…

Three Beers later steps it up this week with a fine review of the fine servers at the Tilted Kilt. Can you see the fugitive Wisconsin state senators in any of those pictures?

The Rio Norte Line likewise crosses the border to retrieve pix of the fine Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier.

Rookies in the lineup this week include Eye of Polyphemus, who sends us a lovely pic of Mila Kunis, and Barry O, who draws this pillow fight to our attention. Meanwhile, the veteran Mr. Hill of Dustbury continues to contribute with his ninth Zooeypalooza and an update on Molly Ringwald.

Camp of the Saints is clearly ready for a long season, with Sylvie Garant, Marian Stafford, Adriana Lima, and a nice roundup of Rule 5 News to sustain him.

Coming in from the bullpen to close out this early spring training session, it’s Maggie’s Notebook with Ivanka Trump!

Thanks to all for their contributions. Send your links for next week’s Rule 5 roundup to me at the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox no later than Saturday the 26th.


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