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REPORT: Beck to End Daily Fox Show

Posted on | April 6, 2011 | 10 Comments

Apparently, Glenn Beck has issued a press release announcing he “intends to transition off of his daily program” on Fox News Channel.

Exactly what that means, we don’t know yet.

UPDATE: The press release describes discussions about “a variety of television projects” in a vague enough way that media tea-leaf readers at both the Washington Post and NPR interpret this as a polite let-’em-down-easy way of Fox saying, “See ya later, Glenn.”

UPDATE II: HuffPo notes: “Joel Cheatwood, a senior Fox News executive who Beck hired away to his own company, will serve as the main liaison between the two networks.” The New York Times observes, “The joint statement did not specify an end date for Mr. Beck’s show.”

UPDATE III: Behold, the idiotic glee in Lizardlandia:

So, in August 2009, Charles Johnson labeled Beck a “raving freakazoid nut sandwich” and now in April 2011 — which is to say, 19 months later — claims vindication, “laughing last.”

Except that every weekday for the past 19 months, Beck has reached a national television audience of more than a million viewers, continues to draw millions of radio listeners, and has sold umpteen thousand books, earning himself many millions of dollars.

Not bad for a “raving freakazoid nut sandwich.”


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