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This Reminds Me of Stalingrad

Posted on | April 12, 2011 | 61 Comments

Earlier this afternoon, I remarked on Twitter how wonderful the Battle of Stalingrad was. Nazis killing Commies and Commies killing Nazis — killing each other by the thousands, day after day, week after week, for months on end.

It was a win-win, and the only sad thing is that the battle ended before every last one of those totalitarian bastards got killed.

Same deal with the dipsticks who are now suing HuffPo:

Today, a group of bloggers led by union organizer and journalist Jonathan Tasini filed a class-action suit against the Huffington Post, founder Arianna Huffington, and AOL, which acquired the news-and-blogs site in February.
Tasini, the lead plaintiff, has been a blogger for Huffpo since December 2005, when the site was just seven months old. According to his blogger page, however, he stopped posting on February 10, three days after the purchase of the site by AOL was announced.

There is no bad outcome possible. Either:

A. HuffPo is required to fork over millions of dollars to these crybaby free-bloggers; or

B. The crybaby free-bloggers, who are all a bunch of left-wing idiots, get screwed raw.

What’s not to like here? Legally, I don’t think the crybabies have a leg to stand on, but at least they’re forcing HuffPo to hire lawyers to defend against this nuisance suit. And while I think HuffPo will ultimately prevail — where’s the fine-print contractual agreement that obligates anybody to pay a dime to these free-blogging losers? — the biggest payoff will be in disabusing ex-HuffPosters of their idealistic notions that they were part of a  “progressive community.” Here’s my message to the HuffPo crybabies:


The “progressive community” was never anything but a three-card monte hustle. The only requirement for membership in the “progressive community” is sufficient naivete to believe that your volunteer efforts accomplish anything other than enhancing the wealth, power and status of your so-called “leaders.”

David Axelrod got rich selling Obama Inc. to you chumps, and now Arianna Huffington has made herself a tidy fortune by selling out to AOL. The fact that you chumps don’t have anything to show for the transaction is just further proof that if a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.

They got paid. You got played.

You are the kind of suckers who don’t deserve an even break.

UPDATE: From one of our brilliant commenters:

I can just see it now: A Pigford-style settlement for former HuffPo bloggers, former non-HuffPo bloggers, people who have attempted to blog for HuffPo, people who know someone who attempted to blog at HuffPo….

Exactly! And then there’s me: I would have been a free blogger at HuffPo, except I figured it had to be some kind of scam, so I didn’t do the free blogging at HuffPo that would have qualified me to get paid when Arianna sold HuffPo.

I’m a victim, too! Where’s my money?

UPDATE II: Linked by fellow plaintiffs That Mr. G Guy, Doug at Daley Gator and The Rhetorican — thanks! — and welcome, Instapundit readers!

UPDATE III: Fellow victim Dave C: “Progressive bloggers willingly worked for free under Zsa Zsa are suddenly waking up to the fact that they have been had? . . . Who did they think would profit from a vanity web portal named Huffington Post?”

UPDATE IV: Now a Memeorandum thread.


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