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FMJRA 2.0: Drinking Again

Posted on | June 5, 2011 | 7 Comments

Weiner’s Wiener?
UPDATE: Who Is ‘Gennette Nicole’?
UPDATE: Questions Piling Up

MSM Starting to Cover ‘WeinerGate’ UPDATE: More Details Now Emerging UPDATE: Weiner DM’d a Porn Star?

BREAKING: Weiner Lawyers Up! UPDATE: In CNN Interview, Weiner Dismisses Hacking as ‘Prank’

#WeinerGate OMFG! @RepWeiner Gives Worst Press Conference EVAH! (Video)

All the Weiner You Can Handle: Why MSM Can’t Ignore This Scandal Now

#WeinerGate Victim Gennette Cordova Issues Statement: ‘I Cannot Answer the Questions That I Do Not Have the Answers To’; Describes Her Reaction

The Power of Simple Sentences

Oh, My: In NBC Interview, Weiner Won’t Deny Authenticity of Lewd Photo UPDATE: Interview Video Added

Finally, Weiner Calls the Police!

This Just In: Obamanomics Sucks

Pacifism and Historical Ignorance

Another Reminder That the Academic Elite Are Your Moral Superiors

FMJRA 2.0: Conga

Rule 5 Sunday: Power Hour

@JoanWalsh Blames @AndrewBreitbart and #tcot Bloggers for #WeinerGate Story

Ace Is Suffering Weiner Overload

‘The Light of the World’

UPDATE: While Praying Pete Is Lifted Up, Guess Who’s Still Falling Down?

New South American Drug Is Almost Enough To Make Your Head ‘Splode

#WeinerGate: Where the Story Goes Next

Smitty’s Verdict: I Blame The National Security Act Of 1947

VIDEO: @DaTechGuyBlog Talks #Weinergate in Boston TV Interview

#WeinerGate: Who Is @PatriotUSA76? @AndrewBreitbart Wants to Know

LIVE AT FIVE – 06.03.11

Brutal. Simply Brutal.

Unexpectedly! Unemployment Hits 9.1%

Wow! Strange Plot Twists in #WeinerGate’s Third Act

Because I Know What’s News

What Da Tech Guy Said


Draft Reynolds 2012?

Holy guacamole. Maybe to somebody more experienced in the ways of blog-fu, it would have seemed inevitable that a week devoted to Weiner would inevitably be full of links – but that somebody isn’t me. Anyhow, top linkers for this week, filled as it was with things you didn’t want to see stuffed into casings and then shoved into buns:

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  2. The Camp Of The Saints (11)
  3. (tied) Ironic Surrealism, POWIP, Republican Redefined (7)
  4. (tied) Conservative Hideout, Nice Deb (6)
  5. (tied) Si Vis Pacem, Lonely Conservative, That Mr. G Guy (5)

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