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‘Like Losing Your Virginity …’

Posted on | July 5, 2011 | 19 Comments

“. . . you will never forget your first Instalanche.”

Unless, of course, somebody slips rohypnol in your drink at a party and you wake up the next morning with 10,000 new readers, trolls all over your comments, and a vague sense of guilty pleasure.

The same young blogger who wrote to Doug Ross sent me an e-mail seeking my advice and I replied, in part:

“Always drink beer in a bottle, because if a fight breaks out, you’ve got a weapon right there in your hand. Smash the bottom of the bottle against the bar, brandish the jagged shards like a knife (what they call a ‘Puerto Rican switchblade’) and loudly threaten to slice the throat of the first motherf—-r that gets in your way while you move warily toward the door.”

Do that just once at a Heritage Foundation cocktail reception, and the motherf—-rs won’t dare cause you trouble again.

Also, chicks dig it.


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