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‘F– Michelle Fields!’ — Interview With Reporter Harassed at Occupy DC Protest

Posted on | November 5, 2011 | 242 Comments

Michelle Fields stands next to a policeman while
covering ‘Occupy DC’ protests, Nov. 4, 2011

Michelle Fields, a young video reporter for the Daily Caller, was assigned to cover Friday night’s Occupy DC protests outside the Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream” conference at the Washington Convention Center. In an interview Saturday morning, Fields described how she was targeted for harassment:

Robert Stacy McCain: You won’t be going back?
Michelle Fields, Daily Caller: I won’t be going back to cover it. I actually don’t feel safe going back to those protests, because they singled me out, they singled out the Daily Caller. I just don’t think it’s safe for me to be back around those people.
They actually had a person covering me all night, for about three hours, with someone walking around with a camera, screaming things out to me like, “You’re worse than Fox,” and attacking me, attacking what I’m wearing. So I won’t be returning.

McCAIN: Attacking what you were wearing?
FIELDS: Exactly, yes. I think they were just trying to figure out ways to upset me — about the clothing I was wearing, where apparently I shop, really strange stuff.

McCAIN: Where you shop?
FIELDS: Exactly, yes.

McCAIN: You were wearing what? Abercrombie & Fitch or what?
FIELDS: They were screaming out that I was wearing [designer] Ann Taylor. So I’m not sure — I wasn’t wearing Ann Taylor.

McCAIN: Oh, my goodness.
FIELDS: They were screaming stuff out like that. They were screaming like, ‘F– Michelle Fields!’
And when I tried to conduct interviews, an individual would jump in front of the camera and stop the interview, or block it with a piece of paper or cardboard, so that we couldn’t tape anything or talk to anyone.

McCAIN: Oh, my goodness. So while they want all the friendly media they can get, in terms of —
FIELDS: Exactly, yes. And so people started chanting, ‘Right-wing extremists,’ while we were trying to interview people, and they talked to people who were part of Occupy DC and told them not to talk to us. So they chanted that, they chanted songs at me that I’m ugly, like ‘U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly,’ to me individually, and that I’m a ‘horrible person.’ It was, literally, just attacking me and the Daily Caller, but specifically me.

McCAIN: Wow. Wow. And so they had somebody whose job was apparently to monitor you?
FIELDS: Exactly, yes. So for about three hours, I had someone following me around, harassing me, screaming things out to me. And I actually did not feel comfortable, because at one point there were a whole group of men surrounding me saying, ‘F—Michelle Fields.’  And I went to a police officer and I told him that I felt these people were harassing me. And the police officer said he’d take care of it, but it never ended. These people were harassing me for the entire evening.

McCAIN: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. These are the enlightened, tolerant, liberal, progressives.
FIELDS: Supposedly.

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  • Dianna Deeley

    People do not support the Occupy idiots. Read the polls. The majority in every income group think they need medication (though that’s not an option in the responses), or  a kick in the pants (though that’s not an option in the responses, either).

    Mostly, people I’ve run into think they need to figure out that most disappointing and salient of facts: Employers are not paying for your genius, but for eight hours of your labor. Get over yourself, and work.

  • Anonymous

    I used to like you, Treacher.  I enjoyed reading your witty comments.

    I think you’re just a creep now for what you bottom-feeders did to Sarah Palin.  Just another creep like *ucker Carlson.

  • Jim Treacher

    What we “did to Sarah Palin” was quote what a famous person said about her. Just because you don’t know how quotation marks work doesn’t mean they don’t work.

    Sorry you feel that way, though. I’ll just have to muddle through somehow.

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  • Anonymous


  • ThePaganTemple

    Well I’m back, and like you I’m waiting breathlessly, in my case for you to regale me with thousands of more posts about how RSM’s blog post here isn’t really at all about Michelle Fields and her important work covering the Occupy DC protests. Nooo, its all about little Jimmy Treacher and why everybody is soooo mad at him. ROFLMFAO Whoops. That “F” in the ROFLMFAO stands for “fucking”, I’m going to have to watch that, aren’t I? I guess I’ll be hearing from you after you get through fetching Tucker’s coffee and shining his, uh, shoes.

  • Jim Treacher

    Everybody’s not mad at me. Just you and a few others.

  • ThePaganTemple

    No I was mad at the DC and, and then at you for defending them without acknowledging the legitimacy of our arguments. Believe it or not, that was temporary and I had actually forgotten
    all about you until you came back on here determined to rub our noses in
    it. Then I got a little pissed again, but you seem to have some kind of 
    problem with the concept that anger isn’t always unreasoned rage nor is
    it always perpetual. That’s fine, you’re a bright boy, you’ll get it one of these days.

    “Note-Disagreeing with you is only an insult if you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you”

  • rosalie

    Believe me, Jim, I didn’t mean that “like” further down.   I hit that by mistake.  I have never encountered anyone who’s so darn defensive.  All I could think of when I read your comment is, oh no, not again; do we have to put up with this bs again?

  • Jim Treacher

    I’m not “determined” to do anything. I made a joke at your expense, and you threw a fit over it.

    But at least you can admit you got “a little pissed.”

  • Jim Treacher

    “Why do you keep talking to us even though we keep screaming at you???”

    I made a joke. You didn’t like it. That’s just fine by me.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Yeah, I got a little pissed, the operative word being “little” but the main point isn’t that I got pissed, its why I got pissed. And believe me, it had nothing whatsoever to do with you and your “one-liners” or your “jokes” at my expense. But its nice to know you wanted to take time out of your busy schedule to hunt me down and give me what fer. Don’t worry its still early. Have an extra cup of coffee and get that little brain percolating there Jimmy Olsen, and maybe you’ll come up with a one-liner or a joke I might actually be able to remember after I read it, like say after two or three hours have passed.

    Pitch till you win.

  • Jim Treacher

    Pitch till you win.

    That does seem to be your philosophy. How about a few hundred more words on it? Just make sure you only get a “little” pissed off.

  • Jim Treacher

    Pitch till you win.

    That certainly does seem to be your philosophy. How about a few hundred more words about it? Just make sure you only get “a little” pissed.

  • rosalie

    Jim, There’s a time to just let go.   You had your oppportunity and you messed up.  However, where there’s life there’s hope.  I believe that, eventually, the fact that you just have to be right is going to become less important to you.

  • Jim Treacher

    Jim, There’s a time to just let go.

    I sure don’t want to tell you what to do, but please feel free.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Too late. I win by default. Nice knowin’ ya Jimmy but I gots to call this off. I’ve got things to do today that are actually at least somewhat important. Maybe I’ll see you on another thread later. Maybe if you take some time to give it some thought, you might come up with a killer joke or one-liner that will really put me in my place. Maybe you can practice some on Michelle or Tucker to see how they go over. Or maybe you can grab one from a copy of Mad’s Snappy Answers or some other joke book. With just a little effort you might actually make it sound original. Later, Jimmy Olsen.

  • Jim Treacher

    Too late. I win by default.

    Well, of course you do, sweetie.

    Nice knowin’ ya Jimmy but I gots to call this off.


  • Jim Treacher

    Too late. I win by default.

    Yep, nobody else here has even come close to typing as many words as you. You are the undisputed Logorrhea Champeen.

    Nice knowin’ ya Jimmy but I goes to call this off.


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  • Jackman

    See, here’s the problem. Unlike you and I, and exactly like every 6 year
    old I’ve even know, Jimmy is quite content to sit online and wait
    for someone to respond to him so that he can go “NUH-UH!”. It’s
    pathological and immature ‘There, see? I got in the last word! I WIN!
    YAY ME!” The difference between Jimmy and your regular basement dweller
    is that he gets paid to sit in front of the ‘puter all day, so there’s
    no downside for him. His day goes:





    Oh, wait, someone replied?

    Furiously type out some imagined bon mot


    Self satisfied self stroking IYKWIMAITYD

    And he gets paid for this. Those of us with lives and careers and families out in the real world can’t compete. I mean, wo picks a nya-nya fight on someone else’s website, goes to bed, gets up in the morning and picks up the nya-nyas again? Who does that? Seriously. That’s someone with self esteem issues that dwarf those of any 15 year old cutter.

    This is your cue, Jimmy Boy, now tell me I’m an idiot with a pithy statement.

  • Anonymous

    the “OBAMA VILLAGES”, which pop up wherever the “occupy” protesters are, provide a fitting testament to the legacy of BHo

  • Jim Treacher

    You do seem a bit cranky. I wouldn’t call you an idiot, though. I haven’t called anybody any names, actually. I’ll leave that to others.

  • Jackman

    Heehee! Like a dog returning to his vomit. You just can’t help yourself, can you? Less than 30 minutes.

  • Jim Treacher

    If you want to liken your words of wit to the vomit of a dog, I won’t argue.

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  • ThePaganTemple

    I can’t embed the video for some reason. I did, but then when I went back to edit my post it was gone. Must be something screwy between the DC and Google, which owns YouTube. But I will try again.

  • ThePaganTemple
  • Bob Belvedere

    I hadn’t realized that that car hit you in the head.

  • Bob Belvedere

    While I have problems with some at The Daily Caller, I must say Miss Fields is a class act.  Bravo!

  • Jim Treacher

    I hadn’t realized your feelings were still hurt.

  • ThePaganTemple

    It’s too bad she’s not likely to get the recognition she deserves for such stellar work.

  • Dave

    Don’t you study classic literature in journolist school? I’d expect Proverbs to be common knowledge.

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  • Jim Treacher

    I’m well aware of the proverb, and of Jackman’s unwitting misuse of it. Besides which, Jackman’s prose style more closely resembles something emitted from the other end of the animal.

  • Daniel Burke

    OWS maggots doing what they do – all they can do, actually.

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