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Muscular Statesman Harry Reid Drips Testosterone And Leadership Everywhere In Remarks On Stupor Committee

Posted on | November 18, 2011 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve seen firmer lumps of bread dough. Like the Nobel Committee, one engages in wishful thinking in the hopes of altering the outcome. Unlike the Nobel Committee, one keeps one’s expectations of the American political class well below zero, for minimal surprise.

The Stupor Committee was never anything more than an admission of failure. When was it ever going to do anything but fail? The only questions of interest are:

  • Will further means of avoiding the budget problem be discovered?
  • Will the #Occutards offer enough entertainment that the propaganda media successfully divert attention from the dismal failure of Congress?
  • Will enough ways be found to bribe the American people with their own money be found to somehow drag Obama across the re-election line?
  • Will Peter Schweizer’s book drive enough anti-incumbent outrage to bring down the Ruling Class?

Update: linked at Daily Pundit.


  • Joe

    You boned us Boehner. 

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  • Joe  Sarah Palin rocks with the comment posted at PW. 

  • Anonymous

    The Stupor Committee wasn’t designed to reduce spending it was designed to create yet more illusions of reducing spending. It could raise real taxes other than that it’s purpose has always been farce.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Two comments:

    Calling this committee the Stupor committee, well, it couldn’t be more aptly named, IMHO.

    And the only time Harry Reid would be dripping with testosterone and leadership would be if he was near a real leader that exploded.

  • Adjoran

    Well, there are about a thousand people I can think of who have the right to say “I told you so!” at this point.  It was always a sucker play, the Democrats supposed the draconian defense cuts under the “trigger” would force us to accept a tax rate hike.  At least we’ve held on that.

    It has been clear since we took over the House that the only way Obama and the Democrats would ever allow real spending cuts was if we had them out-voted.  They must go. 

    And the next President will be facing such a mess that he almost certainly will be a one-termer.  There are too many excess federal jobs and programs that must be cut, unemployment will remain high, and world conditions make a strong recovery in the next few years unlikely.

  • Anonymous
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