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Charlotte Bergmann Is Running For Congress In Tennessee’s Most Racist, Misogynist Corner

Posted on | January 29, 2012 | 30 Comments

by Smitty

Charlotte Bergmann is one courageous lady. Wikipedia notes Tennessee’s 9th district is:

It is one of the safest seats in the nation for the Democratic Party, and has not been seriously contested by a Republican in its current configuration. Most[who?] political observers consider the 9th the most Democratic district in the state. Generally, the 9th is one of two seats in Tennessee that are not seriously contested by Republicans (the other being the 5th district).

How safe? It’s sufficiently safe that a black woman can put up a billboard like this:
and receive a vicious browbeating like this:Go ahead: disagree with people running for office. But what’s this

“I’m scared that some of your whiteness may rub off on me.”

Wasn’t BHO elected to get us past that sort of talk? Maybe Steve Cohen can intervene and, you know, restore a little civility to the tone.


  • DaveO

    Hopefully some keeps copies of all this, and then makes a documentary on most channels on cable. Sunshine is best disinfectant.

  • Adjoran

    I can’t listen to that guy, too loud and too stupid.

    He does remind a bit of the old routine where Buckwheat and Robert Blake are trying to sell something door to door, and get to Darla’s house.

    Darla:  I’m sorry, but Mama’s not home, she had to go over to Watt Street to visit my aunt.
    Buckwheat:  What street?
    Darla:  That’s right.
    Buckwheat:  But where did she go?
    Darla:  Watt Street.
    Buckwheat:  What street?
    Darla:  Yes.
    Buckwheat:  Agin I axe you lady, WHAT street?

    Blake was young and didn’t get many lines, but this may have been the first time the thought of murder crossed his mind.

  • Van Grungy

    listen to her though.. she says she is a “loose cannon”..

    essentially saying that she is a RINO so don’t worry about me being all like a real conservative..

    the whole time grinning like an idiot, not getting angry about the rude racist retard spewing ‘vitriol’ in her direction..

    she is a useless turd.. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that district is in good hands. With racists and bigots manning the airwaves, there’s no way the constituency will see improvement. I guess the constituents, the current representative, and the obnoxious, vile media rep we witnessed deserve each other.

    Naturally the thing to do is lather, rinse, repeat what you’ve already been doing.

  • Patrick

    If I were that Woman’s hubby….That would be a dead black man. Quote me on that. That was bullshit. That was NOT an intelligent black man, speaking to a black woman; that was a feral NEGRO asshole being a dick to a black lady.

    ….and they wonder why I won’t vote Democratic Party no more. It is the same mentally that those corrupt Detroit Police officers carried that shot my cousin Michael Hill on July 11, 1994. That whitey is evil…

    Why don’t want them around me, ever. 8-/

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  • Mike G.

    I axe you…I axe you…I axe you…why don’t people who have to speak in public learn to speak correctly. Ignorant ass Son of a Bitch sounds just like Obama when he does his “jus’ folks” dialect.

    And people wonder why race relations are slipping backwards in this country.

  • Adjoran

    He’s just following in what has been a fairly widespread attitude in Democratic black circles, encouraged by Barack Obama, practiced by Al Sharpton and others including many elected Congressmen (and women).  Get in the faces of those who oppose you.

    That sort of thing had a rational when people were demanding their civil rights as citizens.  Now anyone who disagrees becomes Bull Connor.

    But it isn’t just blacks on the left who have become more strident and rude, the left has long ago lost any sense of civility (except to demand it of others when they are criticized), and even on our side the insanity isn’t confined to the fringe anymore. 

  • Adjoran

    This is Memphis and a few environs.  It was Harold Ford’s uncle’s seat until he got caught with his hand in various tills.  The white radical who holds it now, Steve Cohen, is one of the biggest jackasses in Congress now that Alan Grayson is gone.

    It is considered one of the safest Democratic seats in the country, having been drawn to be a majority-minority district with 60% black voting age population.  So any Republican is 100-1 at best, but the best chance would have to be a calm and responsible black woman who sounds intelligent running against a raving white maniac.

  • Adjoran

    30 years ago in the news biz I was assigned as a trouble-shooter in the Circulation Department, and the youngest manager there – by far – was a black kid, just 18, who had a HS diploma but related to the project kids well.  He worked for the afternoon paper back in the day, and they shared the radio frequencies with the morning guys.

    One day “Tim” was on the radio with his usual “I gotsta axe you” and “where you be at” when one of the morning guys, an educated black man with a voice like James Earl Jones, came booming on the air calling him.

    “Good God, man, THINK before you speak!  Every time you open your mouth you set our people back ten years!”

    Good thing I was stopped at a light when I heard that, or I might have driven right off the road.

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  • Christy Waters

    Alan Grayson is trying to make a comeback, however. Mark Oxner is the Republican challenger. We need to do whatever we can to promote him.

  • Christy Waters

    The plantation mentality on full display, aka the comfortable rut.

  • Vernon Furniss


  • Cat

    The one who smiles through an interview like that and does not allow herself to be goaded into a shouting match is the one in control…just what we need in a Congressman. Very much like MLK…he showed righteous anger in his speeches at times..but nevcr lost it when attacked. She would have my vote for sure in her district..

  • rbeccah

    First off, I can’t take anybody very seriously who says things like “axe” for “ask” and curses over the airwaves, and won’t let his interviewee answer questions.  And also is a bigot, which he obviously is.

  • Cat

    Anyone who can smile like that through an unfair, biased interview…where the interviewer is turning down the mike to dull her replies and will not let her get a work in edgewise, is the epitomy of self control. The angry person in an interview is the one out of control.

  • Shelby

    do any of you know what radio station/host this is? If so, please respond

  • Andy Symonette

    Already been done.

  • Creolerightgirl

    My Lord, he sets us back at least 30 years. He has a niggerdly mentality. “Negroes” back in the day had Dignity, not succumbing to racism, but existing with the spectre of real racism on their backs, were able to and MODELED Dignity for those coming behind them. Lord help us all.

  • kay

    The guy is filth. Should he be allowed to continue on public air waves/ 

  • Anonymous

    So a white Jewish guy runs the district now and this dickhead D.J. is cool with that but a strong black woman running the district would be horrible? What am I missing?

  • Bob Belvedere

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • Bob Belvedere

    That JEJ morning guy is obviously an Uncle Tom.  He ain’t an authentic brothah.

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  • Earl

    The Guy in doing the interview is Thaddeus Matthews…Google him and it will take you to his Radio Program

  • Mimi

    WPLX 1180AM radio station
    The ONLY ALL blues station
    also home of the Thaddeus Matthews show.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see him try this tactic on a black conservative man… his fat ass would be lying on the floor with that mike sticking out of his rear…

  • Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz

    who is this guy… lets get him off the air.. what a punk! 

  • Anonymous

    Dish Network is one of the larger sponsors of this blowhard’s program.  Perhaps some cancelled subscriptions, with an explanation, are in order.  Hmm?