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SPLC Adds ‘Misogyny’ to Hate Groups List … and Leaves Me Out? UPDATE: Video of Super-Hot SPLC Vixen Heidi Beirich

Posted on | March 9, 2012 | 26 Comments

“You can never go wrong in the blogosphere by having a laugh at the expense of feminists. All sane people hate feminism, and no one hates feminism more than smart, successful, independent women who’ve made it on their own without all that idiotic ‘Sisterhood Is Powerful’ groupthink crap.”
Robert Stacy McCain, “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year,” Feb. 15, 2009

Heidi Beirich, you don’t love me no more? You done forgot about me, your “neo-Confederate” sugar-dumpling?

Sweetheart, I’m plumb heartbroken over being left off your list of “blogs and forums dedicated to savaging feminists.”

Did Tabitha Hale get to you? In its own way, this omission hurts worse than being excluded from the Blog Con agenda, and not just because it might mean you’ve forgotten those intimate moments with “The Hater You Love to Love.” There’s also the potential damage to my professional career. What would my reputation be without all the free publicity the SPLC has given me over the years?

Whenever I walk into a D.C. cocktail reception, my buddies yell out, “How’s it going, Hate Crime?” They all envy my celebrity status and insist on being in Facebook pictures with me, trying to cash in on the guilt-by-association factor in hopes that you’ll denounce them, too.

And when it comes to “savaging feminists,” honey, I acknowledge no superior. It’s still two months away from our fourth annual National Offend a Feminist Week, but we intend to go all out this year and earn our spot in the Big Leagues of Misogynistic Hate-Mongering:

It is truly sublime that a group the DHS cited in its controversial report on right-wing terrorism now turns to a website called “Man Boobz” for its hate-group reporting.

Yeah, Heidi: Times are hard all over when a Ph.D. like you has to work for a laughingstock outfit like the SPLC, warning America of the Dreaded Woman-Hating Online Menace, but at least the New York Times still takes you seriously.

And as for you and me, dear, we’ll always have our romantic memories of moonlit strolls beneath the magnolias in Montgomery . . .

Shhhh, don’t tell Morris Dees!

UPDATE: CNN features Heidi the Hate-Watching Hottie:

The SPLC’s Heidi Beirich insinuated that racism was alive and well in these groups, without being challenged as to whether some of the groups in the list were really racist. “Obama is an African-American. So there are all these crazy racial theories that you hear about Obama, that he’s not really a citizen, that he’s maybe a secret Muslim,” she noted.
“And all of this has created an incredible amount of paranoia on the far, far right — which is expressed in these kinds of — in this kind of anti-government activism,” explained the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich.”

Oh, you sultry temptress!


  • Mark Goluskin

    DAMN! I did not make their list either. I must try harder!

  • richard mcenroe

    This might be a good time to whip out the picture of you in your Confederate flag Underoos.  I can P-Shop you into that Meghan McCain Wite-Out ad if needed.

  • Steve

    It’s worse than you think.

    “German newspaper Bild to strip topless women from covers”

    Points for the headline “strip topless women” though ..

  • robertstacymccain

    I have faith you can do it, Mark!

  • robertstacymccain

    Uh, boxers, not briefs.

  • smitty

    @rsmccain How about a close-up sporting that new necktie it only took me 2.5 years to give you?
    You might score some bonus Mad King Charles attention.

  • Adjoran

     Then it’s true – the terrorists have won.

  • Adjoran

    Dees must be running short on his donation scam.  I have to admit it is one of the greatest ongoing con games ever.  He participated in a couple of lawsuits against a couple of tiny Klan groups a few decades ago, and has been relieving wealthy white liberals of their excess cash ever since – his main activity is putting out these lists along with new fundraising appeals.

    And it’s all perfectly legal.  The man is  a criminal genius.

    But if we’re getting back into the whole misogyny thing, I’m guessing it’s going to take even longer to get our beers served.

  • EBL

    That is worse, in a way, than being dissed by Tabatha Hale.  

  • rain of lead

    now that’s funny right there
    I don’t care who ya are.
    and if you want some CJ action then you need to wear a tie with the Tennessee flag on it

  • richard mcenroe

    Dammit, I had Newt Gingrich groping the Statue of Liberty and Wonder Woman!  Where did I go wrong?

  • AnonymousDrivel

    “Whenever I walk into a D.C. cocktail reception, my buddies yell out, ‘How’s it going, Hate Crime?'”

    OK, now that made me laugh. I now need to apologize to my neighbors for the outburst.

  • AnonymousDrivel

    “And when it comes to ‘savaging feminists,’ honey…”

    Now you’ve done it, smart guy. You’re on The List.

    Well played.

  • EBL
  • robertstacymccain

    It’s true: My libertarian buddy John LaBeaume tagged me with that nickname a few years ago: “What’s up, Hate Crime?”

  • M. Thompson

    To these ultra-sensitives, ANYTHING is a Hate Crime and Not Funny Serious business.

    I had GMTs on sexual harassment and assault recently.  By their standards, every sailor is guilty of both.

  • BruceC

    Darn you.  I was sucked in by the patented RSM wit.  I frantically scrolled down to partake of the
    Super-Hot SPLC Vixen Heidi Beirich, hoping for a little Rule 5.  Well, Stacy gave it to me.  Good and Hard.  

  • Quartermaster

    After that pic in Speedos, I’d a never guessed you were a boxers kinda guy.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I didn’t make it either!!!  I feel like an ugly fat girl named Heidi sitting at home on a Saturday Night.

  • Bob Belvedere

    And, admit it, you enjoyed it, didn’t you.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Is it a bow tie?

    If it is, Stacy, keep it in your closet.  You do want to project that Paul Simon, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. vibe – no one will take you seriously, Adlai.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Boxers allowed him to have six kids.

  • Bob Belvedere

    1969, West Hollywood, 8841 Evenview Drive, Rick Danko’s bedroom.

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  • richard mcenroe

     You can’t prove anything from a grainy, unlit Super 8 loop like that……………………

    uh, I mean, from SOME grainy, unlit Super 8 loop like that… could be anybody…

  • BruceC

     Why yes, yes I did….  (barfs in trash can)