• RegularGuyPaul

    Anyone can see why Santorum gets all the flack for his socially conservative positions.  Even Obama opposes gay marriage.  The difference is, Santorum means what he says.  Who knows what the others mean?

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     How wonderful to be bilingual.   I read somewhere that Santorum is fluent in Italian. My son is fluent in Spanish.  He spent his last semester in college in San Sebastian, Spain.   He eventually married a girl from Spain and they live in Portland, OR.  Their  seven year-old son can speak Spanish too.   With their son, Maria spoke to him in Spanish and Chris spoke to him in English from the time he was a baby.    When Chris was in Italy a while back, although he couldn’t speak Italian, he could understand it pretty well.  I bet your daughter could too. 

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  • Pathfinder’s wife

    Perhaps I should engage in identity politics…

    Go Paisan! Go!

    My dad got after me for speaking any, said we were in America, so speak American (which is a very distinct of English than what the British use, so Dad was in some ways correct).

  • http://www.leftbankofthecharles.com/ Charles

    There are a lot of people of Italian descent in Puerto Rico, by the way. I don’t know all the facts behind that, but it may stem from parts of what is now Italy being governed by Spanish kings at the time of the early exploration and settlement. Columbus himself was just such an Italian.

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  • http://thecampofthesaints.org Bob Belvedere

    A cross between Gina Lollobrigida and Anna Maria Alberghetti, eh?

    Thanks for the mention, although you might want to reconsider associating with me now that Bill Quick thinks I have been ‘mindlessly regurgitating anything Stacy says’.


  • http://twitter.com/richard_mcenroe richard mcenroe

     You do NOT mindlessly regurgitate anything Stacy says.

    You aim.  AND you improve the punctuation.

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