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FMJRA 2.0: Working For The Clampdown (Brett K Remix)

Posted on | May 26, 2012 | 25 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

For your convenience, and possible amusement, I’ve broken this post into two sections: one for all your Brett Kimberlin linkagery ya-yas, and one for all our other link thanks. Enjoy.

Brett Kimberlin Saga Takes a Bizarre Turn, Forcing Me to Leave Maryland

Domestic Terrorist Now Using ‘Lawfare’? Convicted Felon Kimberlin’s 501(c)3 Raised $1.8 Million in Six Years
UPDATE: ‘Convicted of Perjury’

Never Doubt That God Answers Prayer

‘He Has No F–king Soul’

Lying Felon Can’t Stop Lying

Deadline Loometh, and the Raven Is Croaking Brett Kimberlin’s Name  

Maybe The #BrettKimberlin ‘Justice Through Music Project’ Is Just A Leslie Nielsen Reference

Brett Kimberlin Has A Friend In Lee Stranahan, For ‘Worst Nightmare’ Values Of ‘Friend’

‘Other Computer Savvy Activists’

The Kimberlin Files–Fresh Mint Juleps Requested Anonymously

FMJRA 2.0 – Telltale Heart

Page & Plant Interview In Strolling Drone

Obama: As Much Harvard Law Professor As Elizabeth Warren Is Cherokee

Hawaiian Nativity Now Seemingly Clear

Rule 5 Sunday: I Need To Know

Creative Ideas About Media Bias

Yet Another Honor for Which I’m Eliminated From Consideration
UPDATE: Nominate Instapundit

Bristol Palin To Get Reality Show; Stacy McCain Content With Surreality Show

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.23.12

#OccupyResoluteDesk Toady, Jay Carney, Disavows Nose On His Face

Shout Out To Muir @daybydaycartoon

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.24.12

Stacy McCain’s Name Is Not On An Award, But Smitty’s Is

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.25.12

Top linkers this week:

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  3. (tied) An Ex-con’s View and The Conservatory (13)
  4. (tied) The Lonely Conservative and The DaleyGator (12)
  5. Daily Pundit (9)
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Thanks to everyone for their linkagery and support! Deadline for next week’s FMJRA will be Friday, June 1.



25 Responses to “FMJRA 2.0: Working For The Clampdown (Brett K Remix)”

  1. KingShamus
    May 26th, 2012 @ 11:31 am

    Thanks for the linkage.

    We must hang together or we shall all hang separately.#IAmMcCainicus#FreeStacyMcCain

  2. Wombat_socho
    May 26th, 2012 @ 11:40 am

     No, thank YOU.

  3. Mike Rogers
    May 26th, 2012 @ 11:45 am

    And, btw, four articles on GraniteGrok.
    We are all supportive of real journalism. Go Stacy!

  4. Bob Belvedere
    May 26th, 2012 @ 12:15 pm

    No, thank you.

  5. Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
    May 26th, 2012 @ 12:20 pm
  6. PaulLemmen
    May 26th, 2012 @ 12:48 pm

    A few missed links ( to the Kimberlin post), but otherwise too cool for school. My first appearance in the top five! wOOt!

  7. Snilyar
    May 26th, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

     Where does a guy like Kimberlin get his money? How does a guy spend that much time in prison and then assume these power positions on exit?

  8. Dianna Deeley
    May 26th, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

     His money, evidently, comes from drug-dealing proceeds he hid. I don’t believe his $19,500 salary from JTMP would be much help. As to “power positions”…I can’t answer that. I think his claim that he was Dan Quayle’s drug dealer is where that starts, but I’m not sure.

  9. Mark J Dietl
    May 26th, 2012 @ 2:46 pm

    And this guy:

  10. Wombat_socho
    May 26th, 2012 @ 2:48 pm

    “He who sendeth not his links shall not receive the FMJRA linkage. ”
    “It is known.”

  11. Wombat_socho
    May 26th, 2012 @ 2:49 pm

     See my reply to Mike, previously. I only know what WordPress and my e-mail tell me, guys.

  12. ThePaganTemple
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:05 pm

     WTF he actually claimed that, yet he’s going around filing lawsuits on people for just reporting the facts? Quayle should grow a pair and join the effort front and center to shut this scumbag down. Of course, I guess there’s always the chance he was Quayle’s drug dealer.

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    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:15 pm

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  14. Innocuous
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

    Thanks for the linkage.  I have a couple of new posts you and your readers might be interested in, and I’ve linked this one since it’s such a great aggregation.

    Yes, What Can We Do?

    Where Does the Money Go?

  15. Adjoran
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

    Let it so be written.

    Let it so be done.

  16. Innocuous
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

    He’s also possibly skimming money from his tax-exempt organizations JTMP and Velvet Revolution.  Their rent rose 8x in a two-year period — from $10k to $80k — which seems pretty fishy.

    You’re right to suggest his claim to be Quayle’s dealer is where he got on the left’s radar and they’ve been rewarding him handsomely ever since.

  17. Dianna Deeley
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:41 pm

     If he’s skimming, it would be nice to be able to prove it, and the 990’s don’t let me prove it. It is bugging me, seriously.

  18. Wombat_socho
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:49 pm

     I was actually doing a “Game of Thrones” reference, but “Ten Commandments” is good too.

  19. Wombat_socho
    May 26th, 2012 @ 3:50 pm

     Thanks, but since you’re on WordPress they’ll get picked up automatically.

  20. Cynthia Yockey
    May 26th, 2012 @ 4:39 pm

    FYI, I just upped the linkage in my “Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” post to nine posts by Stacy. My post also has unique info about Maryland’s law regarding vexatious litigants like Kimberlin.

  21. Mike G.
    May 26th, 2012 @ 7:16 pm

    Thanks for the ping backs. Hope all is well with Mr. McCain and family.

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