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HUGE! Neal Rauhauser’s Vicious Lies Exposed by Yet Another Leaked E-Mail

Posted on | June 11, 2012 | 57 Comments

Last night, I published an e-mail showing that Democrat political operative Neal Rauhauser, representing himself as an agent of Brett Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution, had used his connections to the “Anonymous” hacker conspiracy to reach out to leaders of the “Occupy Boston” protests.

Tonight, Brooks Bayne at The Trenches has an e-mail he calls a “bombshell” — and quite rightly so!

UPDATE: I’m not a lawyer, but what Rauhauser appears to be doing in this May 24 e-mail — besides lying about me — is attempting to inveigle California attorney Jay Leiderman into representing Mike Stack in a nuisance lawsuit against Patrick “Patterico” Frey.

Stack is the guy whose involvement in exposing the Anthony Weiner sex scandal resulted in him being “SWATted” and, subsequently, harassed by Rauhauser, who became obsessed with a paranoid conspiracy theory of WeinerGate. In February, Rauhauser published his crackpot theory (“Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?”) which suggested that Andrew Breitbart and the security firm HBGary were somehow involved in Rauhauser’s own 2010 “TwitterGate” scandal, as well as plots against Kimberlin.

Like I say, I’m not a lawyer, but I’d guess this incredible e-mail — read the whole thing — exposes Rauhauser to serious legal jeopardy.

My advice to Neal? Plead insanity.

UPDATE II: This scoop by Brooks Bayne — you’ve got to go read it, now — fits in with what one source told me in a phone conversation today: “Neal’s lost it.”

Apparently, Rauhauser has been sending lots of crazy e-mails like this to lots of different people, making insane accusations about me, Patrick Frey, Seth Allen, Aaron Walker, Ali Akbar, James O’Keefe and people who have nothing to do with the Kimberlin story, but against whom Rauhauser harbors grudges.

Rauhauser probably should have been institutionalized after he published his eight-page conspiracy theory treatise in February and sent copies of that deranged gibberish to the FBI and to police officials in New Jersey. He seems to have been undergoing some kind of slow-motion mental breakdown for the past couple of years, and has become obsessed with a variety of “enemies” who, in his demented imagination, are all conspiring against him.

For example, in June 2011, after he became fixated on the WeinerGate scandal, Rauhauser (blogging at DailyKos as “Stranded Wind”) invoked two of his Twitter nemeses from 2010 and threatened to get Dana Loesch fired from CNN:

When you read this, Ms. Loesch, and I know you will, I have a personal request for you. Go get with discredited, disorganized dullards @SwiftRead and @GregWHoward of Twittergate fame, and then show me those pretty, pouty lips of yours saying my name on PJTV again. That’s the only TV outlet you are gonna have, honey, because we’re going to make it impossible for CNN to keep you

Those whom Rauhauser called “discredited, disorganized dullards” were instrumental, along with Michelle (@Zapem) Lessick, in exposing how Rauhauser (who at the time was a campaign consultant to various Democratic candidates) had aparently organized a crew of Twitter trolls he called “Beandogs” to attack Tea Party activists.

Why did Rauhauser bring up Patrick Read and Greg Howard in the context of trying to get Loesch fired from CNN? It makes no sense, but that’s just how his warped mind works.

UPDATE III: Let me remind readers that Rauhauser published his twisted game plan in two 2010 posts on the Open Left forum:

Those masterpieces of deviousness were, in essence, the blueprint for what Rauhauser attempted to do in “TwitterGate,” with disastrous consequences for his reputation when he got caught. You’ll notice that these articles are now only available as online caches, because Rauhauser deleted the originals. Neal’s always trying to scrub away evidence of his mischief, deleting stuff and trying to pretend it never happened. He thinks he’s so smart (and we’re so stupid) that he can get away with such crap.

UPDATE IV: Just in case you haven’t been following the story, here are my recent posts about Neal Rauhauser: