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David Weigel Just Doesn’t Get That There ‘Leadership’ Thingy

Posted on | March 1, 2013 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

Peddling his JournoList wares at Slate, Weigel reveals a bit of density, emphasis mine:

Republicans have one goal, running through all of these negotiations. They don’t want sequestration to be replaced by tax revenue. Any tax revenue. Forcing the president to swallow $85 billion in cuts this year would do that. They’ve got no obvious alternatives.
But a plan like this exposes a quirk of Obama-era fiscal hawksmanship. Republicans want specific cuts. Some of them—total repeal of Obamacare!—they’ll put on the record. The rest of them, they try to put on the White House. As soon as the “supercommittee” failed and sequestration looked real, it became “the president’s sequester.”

As I was trying to explain to Mataconis last night, #OccupyResoluteDesk can’t play drums and lead guitar at the same time like that, Dave. Barack Obama is either an über-genius uniter, stopping global warming and bandaging all the scraped knees, or he’s a two-dimensional cardboard standee tooling about the country reciting teleprompted gibberish at great expense.

As President, Obama commissioned the Super Committee, and owns its failure, just as surely as he ignored its report, and can’t even turn in his budget homework on time. Because even BHO can’t point his fingers at Congress while using them to type.

So, David, your use of the passive voice in trying to excuse BHO for the debacle is as ludicrous as all of the petty abuse being heaped upon Americans over his incompetence. Admittedly, 51% of the voters are blamable victims, having returned the jackwagon to office in November. But don’t paper it over: this Sequestration is a pure, epic failure that #OccupyResoluteDesk owns, because, while his campaign prowess is beyond question, he couldn’t lead two nuns in one minute of silent prayer.

Twitter is a having a blast with this, and I’ll sign off with a few sequestration gags that are getting good circulation:



Blues Brothers:

Outlaw Josey Wales:


9 Responses to “David Weigel Just Doesn’t Get That There ‘Leadership’ Thingy”

  1. Bob Belvedere
    March 1st, 2013 @ 11:14 am

    Your last two #SequesterDay1 Tweets are brilliant, Admiral.

  2. smitty
    March 1st, 2013 @ 11:29 am

    Thank you, sir.

  3. jakee308
    March 1st, 2013 @ 11:36 am

    I call him wiggle cause he’s such a little worm.

  4. ReaganiteRepublican
    March 1st, 2013 @ 12:37 pm

    Has he done anything about that acne yet?

  5. Neo
    March 1st, 2013 @ 12:53 pm

    Obama just gave us all a 2 percent tax increase in January and told us to shut up and get over it.

    Now they want to complain about a 2 percent cut to their spending – shut up and get over it.

  6. Adobe_Walls
    March 1st, 2013 @ 5:24 pm

    The Republicans need to stop talking about the sequester. They need to stop talking to the press and the Social Democrats and above all stop talking to each other about it. They’re responses to any and all questions about it should be restricted to “ask the president” and then add a statement about the damages O-care taxes and other taxes as well as regulations are doing to the economy.
    Aside from a few government employees 99.9 percent of Americans won’t even notice as the cuts take effect. Less than half don’t know what “the sequester” refers to. For most of us the “pain” will be minimal to non-existent. If the economy tanks even further it will be because of everything else this regime is doing not the sequester.

  7. jakee308
    March 1st, 2013 @ 5:27 pm

    He’s tried masturbating more but no luck.

  8. Greg Toombs
    March 1st, 2013 @ 10:03 pm

    He is… The Great Diddler.

  9. firefirefire
    March 3rd, 2013 @ 4:32 am

    Don’t sequester me,Bro.