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America Loves You, Sama Elmasry!

Posted on | August 6, 2013 | 28 Comments

Finally an Egyptian belly-dancer tells the truth about Obama:

Hey Obama, Hey Obama
Hey Obama, support the terrorism
Traitor like the Brotherhood members

Obama say it’s a coup
That’s not your business dirty man
Obama say it’s a coup
That’s not your father, mother business
And you Patterson, stop messing
Old bitch woman

The “bitch woman” is U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson and, hey, if Obama appointed her, she’s probably pretty bad. The lyrics to Sama Elmarsy’s song also include this:

You want us to release Morsi
Hey Obama, you are stupid, bad man
You want us to release Morsi
Stop this or I will stab you
Why then you told Mubarak
To leave immediately?

You threaten us with the U.S. aid
F–k it and f–k you
You are a jerk

Let’s be honest: Rand Paul couldn’t have said it better. If Karl Rove’s super-PAC had a message this clear, Romney would be president!



  • richard mcenroe

    Never underestimate the power of a belly dancer..

  • richard mcenroe

    Of course she hasn’t got the incontestable moral authority of a Sandra Fluke or Sydney Leathers…

  • joethefatman

    “If Karl Rove’s super-PAC had a message this clear, Romney would be president!”

    If they’d bothered to stand up and tell the blatant truth about the jefe, and not cared so much about what the MSM thought, we might be on the good side of a recovery right now. Not that Mittens was going to stop the slide, he at least seemed to want to slow the ride. I’d love to have a canidate I can be enthusiatic over in ’16. Right now though I’m more interested in getting rid of a few weasels in my state and congress.

  • crosspatch

    The way I read it is she is calling Obama a patronizing jackass and says to stop treating Egyptians as if they are children. He does the same thing to Americans, too.

  • JeffS

    We are all Egyptians.

  • Hanzo

    I really like this video. Not exactly my taste in music, but I do like the message!
    Walk like an Egyptian….

  • Bob Belvedere

    Oh, man, you’re aging yourself, Cuz.

  • Bob Belvedere

    From the neck down, she’s not bad looking.

  • DaveO

    She is the Egyptian George Clooney.

  • gatorbait51

    This is all over Middle Eastern TV as well . Say what you want about Arab Culture, they do recognize a weak poltroon when they see one. Beware of a pissed Arab woman with a microphone…

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