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Kaitlyn Hunt: Obsessed Lesbian Predator?

Posted on | August 16, 2013 | 240 Comments

A hearing has been scheduled Tuesday:

Accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt will appear in a Florida courtroom Tuesday for a hearing on charges that she violated terms of her pretrial release by contacting the underage girl with whom she is accused of having an illegal lesbian affair. In a motion filed Thursday in Indian River County, prosecutors said Hunt, 19, sent “lewd” photos and a pornographic video of herself masturbating to the younger girl. . . .
Hunt has remained free on $5,000 bond since her arrest, but at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday in Vero Beach, prosecutors will present evidence to Circuit Court Judge Robert Pegg that Hunt has violated terms of her release. Prosecutors from state attorney Bruce Colton‘s office are expected to argue that Hunt’s bond should be revoked and she should be jailed until her trial, which had been scheduled for September, but has since been postponed. . . .

You can read the whole story at Viral Read. The question in the headline is prompted by what Ken Shepherd wrote at NewsBusters:

[Prosecutors’ account of how Hunt violated the no-contact order] if proved true in court, shows that Hunt is obsessed with her victim, that she is exhibiting predatory behavior, and that she is attempting to obstruct justice by pressuring her victim into silence.

How does someone get that messed up? What happened to Kaitlyn Hunt to turn her into a sociopathic sex freak? And in other news:

You can look this guy up. Every case I’ve found so far, William Korman’s client has been (a) a pervert, and (b) guilty.



  • olaph mishap

    I dont believe in god but i also dont worship satan if he even real

  • olaph mishap

    Heres a progressive movement for you on my 30th september 3 2013 i want to do something so crazy that it brings the life back into me by the experience from having a close incounter with death

  • Steve Skubinna

    Ah, thanks for setting me straight. Who died and made you Einstein?

  • Steve Skubinna

    Wow, once was bad enough, but being corrected three times by an anonymous coward is the worserest thing that has ever happened to me, in the history of history itself. Now I know how the Jews at Auschewitz must have felt.

  • Steve Skubinna

    How does the APA describe statutory rape?

  • Steve Skubinna

    She should stand by in case Bob Filner is recalled. San Diego has better weather than SF anyway.

  • olaph mishap

    What isnt normal and healthy anymore we are living in the 21fst century breakdown i know im not normal and healthy im all twisted backwards and upside down

  • olaph mishap

    I dont know if thats evan possible i have fetish that others would think is sick or higley perverted its just how are brain function through puberty

  • Alessandra

    If the homosexual or bisexual perpetrating the statutory rape is unhappy, then it’s a problem. They can consult with an APA therapist, who will tell them that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality – because normal.
    Once the “normal” label has been issued, nothing else needs to be defined. And if the homosexual tries to get therapy for their psychological problems regarding sexuality, that’s when the APA brings out its baseball bat. Then it’s a problem.

  • olaph mishap

    Stop using the word left as if its negative atleast us lefthanders have our own holiday august 13 lefthanders day

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  • olaph mishap

    Im 30 yo and im still being rebalious the courts tell me that i cant party drink break the law or smoke marijauna but still continue to do all that you only live once and my two favorite things i cant live without is cigarettes and coffee no but seriously i massivly have trouble with sleep do to nightmares and night terrors i got to go to court august 28th and im going to ask the judge for for some kind of rehabilitation/trauma inpatient center but because this florida i aint going to get the help i need

  • Squiggy

    Go talk to the dems. They call us “the right”, so they get the term “the left”. And sorry, but they DO worship the devil.

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  • olaph mishap

    So what your sayung is us lefthanders are satans chosens one
    thats an understatment im proud to i be lefthanded
    I call that southpaw pride

  • olaph mishap

    Im a yankee what you rebals learmed in 7th i already learned in 5th grade

  • olaph mishap

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  • olaph mishap

    Dont put new york state in it
    New york state is one of the bests states us americans can ever live in im from new york and learned will quick how corrupted fla state is there is no help down here for anyone old young gay straight the homeless and the mentally ill

  • cheezqueen

    Didn’t you say “go back to school you idiotic moron” to someone else? You being truley phsycotic (I believe TRULY PSYCHOTIC is what you meant, but maybe you were just projecting, being phsycotic and all)

  • cheezqueen

    Oh, and being from Florid-i-a too. Double bummer.

  • Steve Skubinna

    Spelling and punctuation are your friends. They might make even you appear less idiotic.

    How did you like 5th grade, by the way? Three toughest years of your life, right?

  • Steve Skubinna

    Sure thing, pissweasel. Once I’m back stateside I’ll drop by your mommy’s house and tell her that naughty olaph has been playing on the inetrnets again.

  • olaph mishap

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  • olaph mishap

    My mother was murdered 2years ago and my brother is a suspect in the case and im traumatized as fuck cant sleep well cause i have nightmares and the state of fla wants to lock me up cause i cant stop drinking to myself the same way my sister died and im begging for help for my alcoholism but all im getting is a big fu from the legal system and my charges are way lesser than kates and i looking at faceing 5-15 or longer and believe for the reason why the state of fla wants to put me away is because im a ya nkee florida dosent want to help anyone the state make there money by locking people up and keeping there for as long as they can like i said before there is no help for anybody who lives in fla

  • DrDean

    olaph, that precedent was set long before any of us were born. Deal with it.

    Bigger fish need be fried right now. Or if you prefer ‘left now’…. either way, move on.

  • bet0001970

    No Olaph. You’re a lollygagger.

  • olaph mishap

    The toughest year of my life was 30 of them the worste years was my childhood thats why im all fed up in the head and attempted suicide more than once i wake up almost ever morning contemplating suicde and my futures probaly going to be what it is now, nothing and i ask myself every night why was i giving this life just be thankful you aint in my shoes cause i would not want anybody to go what i went through pure hell and still living there my life is torturous growing being thrown away like im just nothing more than y esturdays trash i fear society cause society made me what i am today but i also never give up trying to fight for something possitive for myself evan when negative is constantly being thrown my face as if it was meal shit

  • Dianna Deeley

    Oh, just shut up.

    I’m sinister, as well, and it does not mean that a political term left over from the French Revolution applies to me, and I’m not stupid or pedantic enough to raise that as a concern.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Go get help.

    The comments section of a blog is not the place to look for it.

  • JeremyR

    Would you say that about every one who has an age diffrence of five years? My parents were ten years apart in age. Fourteen year olds are sexually active. Its life. People in love do some very stupid stuff.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Fuck you.

    Just, fuck you.

  • olaph mishap

    I agree with what you say when where young and in love we do , stupids things kates still young and not all that mature yet she will probally most likley learn from her mistake

  • olaph mishap

    I just came to the conclusion that blogging is modern day gossip

  • olaph mishap

    Thinking about negative stuff like prison murder any form of violence and how messed up the world can be makes me nervous thats why i drink myself to death and hide behind music its my only escape

  • RKflorida

    Not sure if they worship him, but they do his bidding very well.

  • cmdr358

    Kaitlyn Hunt was 18 years old when she had sex with the minor child in the bathroom of their school.
    If an 18 year old young man was banging your 14 year old daughter in the bathroom at school would you be viewing it so liberally?

    19 year old Kaitlyn Hunt has been in constant violation of a court order- 20,000 + violations if local news reports are accurate. Her mother appears to have facilitated and conspired in this violation allegedly tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence and obstructing of justice.

    It would not be shocking if her mother was arrested sometime prior to tomorrows court hearing.

  • billert55

    But she’s so cute. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sexual PREDATOR.

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