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Hey, Has Anybody in Virginia Noticed That Terry McAuliffe Is a Lying Scumbag?

Posted on | September 4, 2013 | 42 Comments

Well, he’s a Democrat, and I would have called Terry McAuliffe a “lying scumbag Democrat,” but that would be kinda redundant. Anyway, the latest polls show the lying scumbag is actually leading the race for governor of Virginia, and maybe everybody’s too distracted by the lying scumbag Democrat in the White House — “Red line? What red line?” — to pay attention to Terry McAuliffe’s scummy lies:

Never believe anything a Democrat tells you:

The tagline of that ad — “You can’t trust Terry McAuliffe” — has become a campaign theme for Republicans, repeated in speeches by Cuccinelli as well as his surrogates. Stumping for Cuccinelli in southwest Virginia, where Democrat-backed environmental regulations are a major threat to the coal industry, Del. Israel O’Quinn (R-Bristol) said Tuesday, “Terry McAuliffe cannot be trusted. He said four years ago he didn’t want another coal plant built in Virginia so I’ll take him at his word.”

Read the rest at Gateway Pundit, where I am honored by the request to help fill in while Jim Hoft is in the hospital. Get well soon, Jim.



  • DaveO

    McAuliffe lost to McDonnell in 2009. Virginians know, but since 2009, NoVA has grown as it’s one of the few places to find work, and folks are beholden to their patrons, plus Virginia will continue to disenfranchise deployed military servicemembers.

  • scarymatt

    McAuliffe didn’t run in 2009. Creigh Deeds was the Democratic candidate.

  • scarymatt

    My impression is that Cuccinelli is viewed by too many (which would be any?) as a christofascistgodbag. Or whatever. Basically, he doesn’t want to kill your unborn child or marry your son to his, so he’s, QED an awful person.

    I also have to think that McDonnell’s woes are suppressing Republican enthusiasm in the state.

  • palintologist

    It doesn’t help that he was (albeit) a minor leaguer in the Jonnie Williams/Star Scientific gift party. That turned off a lot of Tea Partiers.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Virginia is for lovers of Democrats.

    It is very sad.

  • storibund

    Cuccinelli said the other day that he’s having a hard time getting conservatives out to volunteer for him.

    Which is more than a little discouraging.

  • richard mcenroe

    Where is the vast RNC warchest? The Democrats are pouring millions into Virginia?

  • JeffWeimer

    McAuliffe lost to Deeds in the primary.

  • Finrod Felagund

    This is why I’m strongly in favor of taking the part of Virginia that was given to DC then given back to Virginia and making it part of DC again. That alone would turn Virginia from purple to red.

  • DaveO

    Yes, you are correct. I knew McAuliffe ran, but recalled incorrectly. The rest of my comment is still cogent. Thank you.

  • M. Thompson

    He’s a Democratic Party Politician operating at very high level. There is, by definition, something wrong with him.

  • DaveO

    I would like to see Washington, DC become a state, or given back to Maryland so the asshat residents can have their representation along with their taxation, and then the Federal District moved to the Midwest.

  • La Pucelle

    It’s a little like California. Most of the state is practically Texas-red, but Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William, Loudoun) barely has a productive Middle Class any more: either latte-leftist wannabe aristocracy who think they’ll magically be exempt from the First Rule of Revolutions and generational poor bribed with other people’s money as long as they keep pulling the donkey lever. (and I participated in polling these people: they don’t even know who their representatives are) Tidewater is blue mostly because of the latter, but the Naval folks with their heads bolted on straight help alleviate the mass stupidity somewhat.

    There’s also the exodus of idiot Marylanders who are fleeing Maryland’s ridiculous taxes and regulations, but somehow don’t ever seem to make the connection that it’s their moronolithic voting habits and demands that everyone else fund their lives that caused the problems in their original state in the first place. So like the parasites they are, they bring their stupidity with them and the cycle begins anew. (Nobody thinks they are part of the problem: with these narcissists, it’s always Someone Else’s Fault)

    And now that I’m done ranting about these damn kids on my lawn…

  • Quartermaster

    Libtards always foul their nest and, like squirrels, go to a new one and foul that. Then they wonder why things are always so bad. I’d say they are victims of low functioning autism, but I’d never insult honest low functioning autistics like that.

  • HolyCowRUKiddingme

    All except the LIVs

  • La Pucelle

    No kidding. I’ve worked with autistic kids. Even the supposedly low-functioning ones learn, they just can’t communicate in standard ways. On the other hand, leftists seem genetically incapable of learning much of anything beyond trained Pavlov reactions. Not even enough sense not to poop where they eat.

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