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Legal Woes Mount for Alabama Anti-GOP Conspiracy Theory Blogger Roger Shuler

Posted on | October 26, 2013 | 60 Comments

Roger Shuler, Shelby County Jail inmate No. 288928

The arrest of “Legal Schnauzer” blogger Roger Shuler, which I reported Friday at The American Spectator and blogged about here in the wee hours, has tipped over quite an interesting row of dominoes.

As recently as Oct. 19, a certain “RogerS” was boasting of his expertise in RICO lawsuits and claiming that perjuring bomber Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against bloggers was a legal tour de force:

Oh, no! An anonymous Breitbart Unmasked commenter calling himself “Roger S” asserts that he has handled many many RICO lawsuits, and Brett Kimberlin’s is super awesome and is going to make him a lot of money! Honey, where did I put the checkbook? Looks like it’s time to write a big fat settlement check to Mr. Convicted Bomber, because he is going to kick my ass in court! Experienced RICO Lawsuit Expert “Roger S” says so!

If, as some have suggested today, “RogerS” is actually the self-same Roger Shuler (Shelby County Jail inmate No. 288928), then his comments at a pro-Kimberlin web site are what lawyers called “evidence.” Speaking of lawyers, an Alabama attorney today e-mailed Roger Shuler:

From: [Influential Montgomery Lawyer]
Date: Sat, Oct 26, 2013
Subject: Cease and Desist to Roger Shuler from Ali Akbar re: Karl Rove

Mr. Shuler:
Please see the attached correspondence. It is a demand from Mr. Ali Akbar that you cease and desist all false, defamatory, and reckless comments about Mr. Akbar, specifically with respect to your false allegations Mr. Akbar engaged in a gay love affair with Karl Rove. In addition, it is a demand you delete and retract all such false and defamatory allegations within 10 days or face swift and certain legal action.
[Influential Montgomery Lawyer]

While it is contrary to my personal creed to file lawsuits, it appears that certain communications published by Roger Shuler may be material to my defense in both the state and federal lawsuits Brett Kimberlin has filed against me and other bloggers (it’s probably unfair to call Simon & Schuster a “blogger”), and I have politely requested access to specific information relevant to the case.

Do inmates in the Shelby County Jail have e-mail access? Probably not, and so it may take a while for Ali’s lawyer to get a reply.

“Swift and certain legal action” — truth and justice, baby.