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Schizophrenic Criminal Faker Making Meaningless Gestures? Hmmm …

Posted on | December 13, 2013 | 34 Comments

The Washington Post reports:

The sign language interpreter who gestured meaninglessly at the Nelson Mandela memorial in South Africa on Tuesday has faced charges of murder, rape, theft, breaking and entering, malicious damage to property and kidnapping, according to
The South African news site said the outcome of the murder charge against Thamsanqa Jantjie, brought in 2003, was unknown because the court case file is “mysteriously empty.”
Many of the other charges against Jantjie, dating back to 1994, were eventually dropped, eNCA reported, because he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. . . .
The disclosures reinforced questions about how Jantjie managed to get hired to stand right next to many of the powerful world leaders who spoke at the memorial for the late South African president in a large stadium in Soweto. Leaders of South African groups devoted to helping the deaf pointed out that Jantjie was making arm motions that made no sense and said he was a fake.
Jantjie has said he suffers from schizophrenia and was hearing voices when he was on stage. He said that he saw angels, according to the Associated Press, and that he could be violent.

The People’s Cube is having wwaaayy too much fun with this one.

Donald Douglas remembers that there are 5 A’s in “RAAAAACISM!” 


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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
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  • Dianna Deeley

    To quote Susan Sto Helit in “The Hogfather”, “That, or someone has a really stupid affirmative action program!”

  • Howard Earl

    The perfect Democrat candidate for 2016. Including his place of birth,.

  • CrustyB

    Gee, it’s almost like South Africa hasn’t been doing all that good under Mandela.

  • K-Bob

    They should have hired Adam Carolla. He’d at least have made some gestures that were worth watching.

  • ILuvEquines

    Or maybe they were HOPING the guy would off ovomit.

  • Funeral guy

    With the whole world going to hell in a rocket powered hand basket, this is one of the BEST STORIES EVAH!!!

  • Steve Skubinna

    There’s something so satisfyingly appropriate about this story. Gives me a warm feeling.

  • Steve White

    The news has it wrong: the man was indeed interpreting Champ’s speech faithfully…

  • richard mcenroe

    Don’t pick on this guy! Paul Ryan sez the dude gave him some great advice on the budget deal…

  • Adjoran

    If this is how the Secret Service is protecting Obama, I have renewed hope for the next three years.

  • Shawny

    I see the Secret Service vetted this interpreter just as thoroughly as the guy he’s interpreting. Wonder how anyone could tell the difference between the gibberish the fake interpreter was signing and the gibberish the fake president was spewing.

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  • richard mcenroe

    Blaming this guy for signing gibberish at ab Obama speech reminds me of an old Alexis Gilliand cartoon:

    King and his court wizard glaring at each other over a pile of rubble:

    Wizard: “OF COURSE my model of the economy self-destructed! I do good work!|

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Do you really want Jo Jo the Monkey Boy in the hot seat?

  • Calvin Everhart

    Did believe the SS was at meme’s tire and whorehouse, just down the street.