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‘I Slacked Off in 2013’

Posted on | January 8, 2014 | 9 Comments

And So It Goes in Shreveport’s Pat Austin:

I slacked off in 2013 because real life kept me busy.  I probably suffered from some blogger burnout, too.  Like a lot of conservative bloggers, I got real disheartened after the last presidential election.  Between the two, I didn’t do a lot of relevant blogging last year.
I’m coming back off life support though, I think, and am feeling more motivated, as you may have noticed from the onslaught of posts over the past couple of weeks.  I’d like to thank Professor Jacobson for continuing to link and support me throughout my layoff.  I couldn’t ask for a better blog-buddy.

Oh, sucking up to Jacobson now, are we? Despite my hurt feelings, I sympathize with Pat’s “blogger burnout” issues after 2012. One of things I’ve done in the past year is to spend more time blogging about stories that aren’t politics — culture, crime, sex, education, media, etc. — but which reflect the forces that influence politics.

This isn’t to say I “slacked off,” but rather that I refocused as necessary to maintain interest. The habit of writing every day about something is impossible to escape, and is not really affected by the futility of the situation in Washington, D.C.



  • Earl Scruugs

    As Breitbart said: Culture is upstream of politics.

  • G21

    Really think you’re on the right track with the cultural strategy.

    Today’s liberals use three main attack vectors in their war against Western civilization and we need to actively counter those three attack vectors, within the culture:

    – Attacking private property
    – Attacking the family
    – Attacking Christianity

    For whatever reason, folks tend to forget how truly primitive the ideology of liberalism really is.

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  • Mm

    No, you haven’t slacked off, and I’ve enjoyed reading these types of blog posts because they focus on the culture.

  • Quartermaster

    I know you haven’t slacked off. Those photos of BS are burned into my memory. Branded, no less. Now you have Casper’s to smack us with. The memory will be scarred for life after the next year is over.

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  • Pat in Shreveport

    Thanks for the link. And I’m not sucking up to BJ – he’s my “better than CATS!” buddy! We go way back. Come to LA and see me sometime (just don’t go through Livonia.)

  • Calvin Everhart

    Only Slacker I know that got sued for a Millllllllion bucks!

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