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Rule 5 Sunday: Flowtation

Posted on | November 9, 2014 | 22 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Good God, y’all!

This week’s Rule 5 Friday is adorned with the lead pic from theCHIVE’s Internet Cleavage Hall of Fame, which was brought to my attention by the morons of the Ace of Spades HQ Facebook group, and illustrates the general run of pics here at Rule 5 Sunday. As you can see from the pics in the linked article, our links likewise depict attractive women partially (or sometimes) completely undressed, so exercise discretion in your clicking.

Average Bubba kicks off this week’s post with Rule 5: Summertime Flashback, Goodstuff checks in with Gong Yue Fei and Gan Lulu from the Shanghai Auto Show, Randy’s Roundtable returns with Jennifer England, and Ninety Miles from Tyranny adds Morning Mistress, Hot Pick of the Late Night, and Girls with Guns. Animal Magnetism adds the Post-Shellacking Rule 5 Friday and the Saturday Gingermageddon, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot returns with Post-Election Rule 5, and (perhaps predictably) First Street Journal’s focus this week is on LTC/Senator Jodi Ernst.

EBL’s thundering herd this week included Kate Middleton, Google Street Cleavage, Mia Love, more Republican women, Rose McGowan, some underboob tattoos, Amanda Bynes, Keira Knightley, Hilary Duff, and some cheese.

Soylent Siberia checks in this week with the Monday Motivationer, Set the Snoochinator to 1987, Tuesday Titillation, Humpday Hawt Lisa Wells, Falconsword Fursday Brazilian, Corset Friday Fanfest, T-GIF Friday Scissors, Weekender Furtabulous, and Cocktail Hour Bath Night Baubles.

A View from the Beach offers Yasmin BleethWombat’s Friday News“Do You Remember the First Time?”They Like ‘Em Young in West VirginiaSome Powerful FiddlingBrazilian TV PranksDarn it, I Forgot“Let it Out”Skrælings Attack Vikings, and Sunday Morning Coming Down.

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Candice Swanepoel, his Vintage Babe is Betty Grable, and Sex in Advertising is covered by Babes for Viagra. Also, the obligatory 49ers cheerleader! At Dustbury, it’s Jayne Mansfield and Joanna Lumley.

Thanks to everyone for their linkagery! Deadline to submit links to the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox for next weekend’s Rule 5 roundup is midnight on Saturday, November 15.

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  • K-Bob

    Reminds me, I need to check the headlights on the cruiser.

  • jonedevil

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  • kilo6

    As an old friend used to say “That’s quite Iraq”

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  • RS

    The Other McCain: Now in 3D!

  • JeffS

    Dear God, your link to the Internet Cleavage Hall Of Fame almost distracted me from hitting the tip jar.

    Almost. It took a few minutes, but I got there.

  • Proof

    The young lady pictured above’s name is June, isn’t it? Because June is busting out all over!

  • Bob Belvedere

    I’m disappointed. Those bazumbahs pictured are clearly fake hydraulic devices.

    Robert Stacy ‘Speedo’ McCain, the man who created Rule 5, would not approve as he is, like me [one of the few Rule 5 Mojo Masters], unalterably opposed to fakus boobicus.

  • Zohydro


    And congrats to Goodstuff for One Meelion hits!

  • Good Stuff

    #8 Oh In Hye, the Korean actress, has my vote on the Chives cleavage hall of fame.

    Thanks for the linkage!

    How Wombats roll

  • Wombat_socho

    Fine words from somebody who hasn’t darkened my inbox in months with any kind of boobage, bolt-on or natural.
    Yeah, I went there.

  • Wombat_socho


  • Wombat_socho

    “In garrison, women can do everything, and men can take care of the rest.” 😉

  • Good Stuff

    BTW Guys, check out EBL cheese!

  • Wombat_socho

    Those are some squared-away women.

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  • Dana

    Perhaps predictably?

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