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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

In The Mailbox: 01.18.16

Posted on | January 18, 2016 | 4 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: Sex, Lies, And Catfishing At UVA
Da Tech Guy: Ted Cruz Springs The Monty Python Apology Trap
Louder With Crowder: GOP Debate Cartoon Parody
Proof Positive: 13 Hours Opened Thursday Night. Why Haven’t You Seen It Yet?
American Irony: If Things Don’t Work Out For Bernie…
The Political Hat: Planned Parenthood Loves AIDS
Doug Powers: If Bernie Sanders And Michael Moore Want To Take Flint’s Water Problem To The Top…
Twitchy: Code Pink Busting On @DWStweets For Sunday Night #DemDebate

American Power: Bernie Sanders Is A Hardline Communist
American Thinker: “Peddling Fiction” Or Repealing Math?
BLACKFIVE: Exclusive Interview With Newt Gingrich About His Latest Novel Duplicity
Conservatives4Palin: Why Sanctuary Cities Threaten Dems
Don Surber: Enjoy Your Habib, Feminists
Jammie Wearing Fools: Muslim Teens Stone Transgender Women In Germany
Joe For America: Benghazi Witness Confirms What Hillary’s Been Hiding
JustOneMinute: Frequently Unasked Questions
Pamela Geller: In Sweden, State-Funded Muslim “Sniper” Training
Protein Wisdom: Obama Discusses The Patriarchal Conspiracy Against Tampons
Shot In The Dark: Why We Fight, Part III – The Public Good
STUMP: On New York (And Chicago, And Connecticut, And Boston) Values
The Gateway Pundit: Three Americans Kidnapped In Baghdad By Shiite Militia, Probably Linked To Iran
The Jawa Report: JUICE Mind Control Moves To Jupiter
The Lonely Conservative: Iran Gets Huge Windfall Thanks To Obama Deal
This Ain’t Hell: Army Holds Back Decision On Bergdahl Awards
Weasel Zippers: When Bernie Argues For Single Payer, Remind Him What Happened In Vermont
Megan McArdle: Gaming Of Obamacare Poses A Fatal Threat
Mark Steyn: Hold the Mohamed Salad

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  • CrustyB

    I’m getting a tattoo of the Ted Cruz “apology.”

  • physicsnut

    here is a book that explains where the feminazi jerks arose from
    though femiCOMMIES would be more accurate:

    see “RED DIAPERS: growing up in the communist Left” – edited by
    Judy Kaplan and Linn Shapiro. University of Illinois Press, 1998
    Of course – they don’t say anything about what the brainwashed
    nitwits were really up to. See DiscoverTheNetworks or google names.

    left wing journ-o-lists are Red Diaper Babies
    Red Diaper Babies kicked people out of the Party for having ‘left deviationist tendencies’ –
    yet they complain about ‘discrimination’
    – a bunch of total HYPOCRITES !
    And they will NEVER change –
    they don’t want to live on a commune –
    they want to run your life.

    commie atheists are always blabbering about islamophobia
    another vast area of hypocrisy.
    why would a bunch of COMMIE ATHEISTS at Salon, Alternet, ThinkProgress always blabber on about islamophobia ?? just their little “lets you and him fight”. its a dog whistle

    The socalled Mayor of Cologne sure sounds brainwashed.
    if Merkel was against multiculturalism, then obviously the PC Multicultural crowd mounted enough pressure to over-ride her views . Probably the Feminist PC multicultural Mayor of Cologne – whatshername.
    These people live in an ideological fantasy world.

    I find it difficult to understand why Merkel would not grasp the magnitude of the problem.
    As to the Left Wing – they WANT the destruction of the West, and are pushing hard for more destruction.
    European Women should look up LORENA BOBBITT – and bring scissors to a big demonstration – and show the muslim rapists a few SNIP SNIP SNIP motions. This will overcome the language barrier, and get the point across.
    Feel free to translate into European languages and post over there.

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  • Durasim

    It seems that spending ten years in the bosom of the Swedish welfare state has not filled this immigrant with tender gratitude.