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Feminism, and the Failure Thereof

Posted on | September 23, 2016 | 2 Comments

One of the things that mystifies me about young Third Wave feminists is that, for all they talk about “empowerment,” they seem to complain constantly about their helpless victimhood. It seems clear to me that something has gone wrong in the War Between the Sexes, so that these sensitive young women have lost their sex’s traditional advantages, and I am tempted to speculate about why frustrated victimhood has become such a common malaise among in recent years. Consider, for example, Tumblr blogger Amy — “Hufflepuff. Mythology nerd. Anxiety ridden and depressed.” — whose content includes a lot of Harry Potter stuff. What is it about the fandom surrounding J.K. Rowling’s witchcraft-themed novels that exercises such an enduring hold on these young women? Honestly, I read plenty of novels when I was a boy but never thought of making an adult lifestyle out of childhood fiction. So . . .

Last year, Amy posted this quote, attributing it to her mother:

“You’re a woman, use it; bring
every man you meet to his motherf–king knees.”

Now, whatever truth there may be in this advice, it is only useful (a) if a young woman is particularly attractive, and (b) if the men she meets are the sort of fellows who would play by the rules, so to speak.

This “bring him to the knees” advice might work with a young Christian gentleman who has been well-raised by a traditional mother and father, trained in courteous deference toward the fairer sex.

Ah, but young Christian gentlemen are quite rare nowadays, mainly because feminists hate Christianity even more than they hate motherhood. Instead of raising well-mannered sons and daughters, feminists either have abortions or, if by some fluke they actually do produce offspring, the feminist mother considers it her duty to dump her children into daycare at the earliest possible age, so that she can return to her professional career. And so we now we have a generation of young people most of whom spent 40-plus hours a week in institutional care from the time they were in diapers. In many cases, their parents either never married or divorced, so that the grew up without any expectation of happily-ever-after romance, and without any example from their parents of how to make a relationship last. Feminism is anti-marriage and anti-motherhood and also, necessarily, anti-Christian. Feminism’s fanatical advocacy of abortion, motivated by bloodthirsty hatred of babies, is antithetical to Christian morality, and so the feminist movement has been resolutely devoted to eradicating Christianity from our culture.

What kind of sons does an anti-Christian mother raise? How is a young man’s worldview shaped by the experience of growing up in the custody of a feminist who believes that human life has no intrinsic value, so that killing babies can be justified in the name of “choice”?

Well, I doubt this kind of experience teaches a young man to treat his fellow humans with respect, and disrespectful young men are not apt to respond well to the “bring him to his knees” approach. In fact, I suspect that a lot of the emotional misery that young women complain about nowadays is simply an expression of despair at how little influence they exercise over young men. Let’s face it: The typical young man in the 21st century doesn’t devote much effort to romantic pursuits. He is far more inclined to stay home and play videogames or watch sports on TV than he is to ask a girl on a typical dinner-and-a-movie date.

Certainly no intelligent young man in the 21st century would dare to strike up a conversation with a woman, lest he be accused of “harassment,” and so the old-fashioned art of flirting is extinct, as is every other customary way that a man might feasibly exercise initiative in seeking female companionship. The reason young feminists now constantly complain of “harassment” is because only stupid men talk to women in public; all the smart men remain discretely silent.

What you realize is that feminist “success” is always self-defeating. The more power feminists wield, the worse things become for women. Maybe 30 years ago, when the mothers of today’s young feminists were young, there were still enough old-fashioned guys around that the game of romance was an exciting adventure. The Tumblr blogger’s mother belief that any woman can “bring every man you meet to his motherf–king knees” is arguably obsolete. Yet this sadistic fantasy — the femme fatale who cruelly exploits her seductive power — is so popular that Amy’s Tumblr post has gotten nearly a quarter-million notes in the past year. But how is she to bring a guy to his knees, if he never even speaks to her? Is a man vulnerable to seduction while he’s home playing Call of Duty?

Feminism is about hate, and hate never leads to happiness.



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