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‘Anti-Feminists … Are F–king Evil. They’re Such Disgusting Human Beings’

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Her Tumblr blog announces: “I’m Rain. black. bi. woman. witch. vegan.. learning about radical feminism one step at a time.” She launched her YouTube channel in December, calling herself “Rain Lawless.”

The quote in the headline is from a video she posted last month (“Scattered Thoughts About Anti Feminists And Anti SJWS”) which appears to have been recorded on the bottom bunk of bunkbeds.



The commenters will be tempted to make rude comments about Rain Lawless based solely on her appearance, but politics is a war of ideas, and Ms. Lawless’s ideas are what truly deserve your rude comments, e.g., “if you spent more than five minutes speaking to me you’d know that I hate men just as much as any other feminist.” So the underlying rationale of her feminism is hatred of half the human race. You may want to watch her video about violence in which she says, “It is OK to punch homophobes, it’s OK to punch cops, it’s OK to punch people who are anti-human rights. . . . If they’re a bigot, feel free to punch them.” Violence against some people is acceptable, according to Rain Lawless, whereas feminists hating all males simply because they are male is not “anti-human rights,” and punching feminists is therefore not OK. The logic is impeccable.


Who is “Rain Lawless”? Before starting her current blog, her Tumblr account was called “Witchy Discourse” where, among other things, she issued curses: “This curse is meant to make a bad persons life TOXIC. Make this transphobic, ableist, and misogynistic f–k face get what they deserve for being so cruel.” She also used her “Witchy Discourse” blog for a fundraiser last fall, the description of which was this:

Help River Leave His Abusive Home
Hello! My name is River, and I live in an abusive home. I currently live with my father, because he manipulated me into thinking that he’s better now than he was before. He hasn’t changed at all. My father has bullied me, abused me, gaslighted me, and gone out of his way to make my already abysmal mental health worse. Every time I stand up for myself, he hates me more. I should not have to be afraid of living in my own home.
On top of that, I’m a trans man. It’s not safe for me to transition under my father’s roof. He’s very christian and so is my stepmother. The last time I tried to come out to him, he told me that I straight up shouldn’t tell anybody in the angriest tone possible, and he looked like he was seconds away from hitting me. I feel like that says a lot. There’s zero way that I’d ever be able to exist as a trans person underneath his roof.
And furthermore, he literally doesn’t care about my mental health. Not just because he uses me as an emotional punching bag every other day, but he won’t allow me to have access to therapy. I can feel my mental health deteriorating by the day, and he doesn’t even care. He has explicitly told me that I’m not allowed to have a therapist because “I’m not crazy”. Like, no. I have depression and I need help.
So, I need some money in my savings so that I can move out of my home comfortably. . . . I’ll need an absolute bare minimum of $8k to pay for rent, food, and transportation for a few months, as well as furniture. Hopefully, I’ll be able to reach $10k, but I’m starting at $8k for now just to be safe.

“River” asked for $8,000, got only $667. Not long thereafter, the “Witchy Discourse” blog was deleted, and then “Rain Lawless” arrived on Tumblr as a bisexual vegan radical feminist witch with a new hustle. Among other things, she has a “Feminist Witchcraft” shop on Etsy, offering such services as “Self Love Tarot Card Reading” ($6): “This five card spread will address what your potential insecurities are and how to achieve self love and be more confident in yourself.” Remember, this occult service is being offered by someone who is living in the home of her “very Christian” father and who, just a few months ago, was trying to raise money as a “trans man” who needed to move out and get a sex change. She can’t work any magic in her own life, but let her work magic for you! Also, if you need any curses to make a “transphobic, ableist, and misogynistic f–k face get what they deserve,” I’m sure “Rain Lawless” will be glad to conjure one up for you, if the price is right. Meanwhile . . .






Those screencaps are from the YouTube video in which “River Lawless” discusses her new “initiative” she calls #FeministsResist:

“I think we need to get our activism the everlasting f–k off
Tumblr. Arguing with liberals is doing absolutely nothing. . . .
Arguing with liberals and conservatives and anti-feminists
and who the f–k ever on Tumblr is making absolutely zero
real-life change and this little initiative will hopefully
get us outside into the real world making real change and,
you know, bringing attention to what we do.”

Well, congratulations, “Rain Lawless”! As of 11 a.m. ET today, you had 182 views on that video, but I hope that will soon go through the roof because I’m all about bringing attention to what you do.

The #FeministsResist “initiative” has Core Values!


There are lots of things we could say about these “Core Values,” like for instance how you can be pro-Jew and pro-LGBT while also being pro-Muslim, considering that Islam is anti-Jew and anti-LGBT, but never mind that for now. No, let’s talk about this part of the “Core Values”:

“This is an anti capitalism movement. Capitalism benefits
the rich and only the rich, and it needs to be dismantled
before we can truly be liberated from the current system.”

Aren’t both Tumblr and YouTube owned by giant capitalist companies? Yeah, and what about your laptop and smartphone? Capitalism. So unless your ideal society looks like North Korea, you might want to rethink your neo-Marxist fantasy of seeing “the current system” dismantled.

While you’re rethinking things, ma’am, you might want to rethink your addiction to creating new Tumblr identities all the time, because you have two other blogs (here and here) where you use the name Danika Lawless. So that’s three different first names — “River,” “Rain” and Danika — all with the same last name, Lawless, and it’s probably just a matter of time before somebody who actually knows you sees your YouTube channel and is like, “Hey, I went to school with that weirdo.” Then all your trash-talking about your family is going to come home to roost because, yeah, you’ve got yet another blog ( where you posted this fundraising appeal last July:

Help A Black NB Lesbian Move Out
And Achieve Their Dreams

okay so here’s the deal. i want to move to NYC once winter comes around so i can have a better environment to work on my film projects. not to mention, my home life is a little rocky (and i’ll explain in a moment). also, now that i’m a legal adult, i can transition, but my current location isn’t nearly as liberal as NYC so i figured it would be safer to move there before i transition. i’m probably going to go to college there as well, but only after i go to therapy for a few months so i can deal with all my traumas. i found a solid handful of amazing deals on craigslist and i’ve literally been dreaming of this since i was a child. problem is, jobs are scarce where i’m at and i’m not getting hired anywhere. trust me, i’ve tried. so i need a lil help. here are the details:
my stepmother is literally terrifying. she’s physically abused both of my step brothers at least a dozen times while i was here and i’ve been a witness every single time. these beatings have included getting whipped by a cable wire and straight up getting punched in the face. i have no idea when she’s gonna take a swing at me but i’m honestly counting down the days.
my father’s moods change much too often for him to be predictable. for days he’ll be super sweet but then he’ll say something that remind me of who he used to be. my dad used to be very abusive towards my birth mother, to the point off hitting and choking her. he also screams a lot, which i’m triggered by, to the point of acute panic attacks. the only reason why i’m living with him is because my birth mother treats me worse. speaking of my birth mother,
my birth mom is extremely cruel. she almost bullied me into an eating disorder, she never stopped telling me how worthless i am, she’d perpetually invade my privacy (because she was paranoid that i’d do something illegal for whatever reason), and even worse. i used to go to bed crying because of her. it was bad. i cannot go back to living with her.
my siblings are often extremely loud and they perpetually run rampant. unfortunately, nine times out of ten, i’m the only one that can control them because my parents are either busy or lazy. it gives me zero time to work on my future career. i have almost nothing to add to my resume because i’ve been spending this past half year doing nothing but my parents’ job (and for all the time before that, i was depressed because of my mothers abuse).
(i’m gonna put this list in the format: i need x amount of money for y because z)
i need about $5-7k for six months rent because i want to have a safety net so i can give myself some time to find a new job while still having a roof over my head
i need $1.5k for all my furniture + kitchen + bedroom stuff because i’m starting from the ground up and i have nothing to my name right now
i need $800 for six months worth of food because i need food
i need $150-300 for my plane ticket so i can get to nyc
i need an unknown amount of money but no more than $600 so i can buy a new wardrobe for myself and start transitioning
maybe $300 for transportation because i don’t have a car
and an extra $1k just incase something goes horribly wrong and i need the extra cash.
plus $600 for bills
so adding it all up, i need around $10k by November at earliest so i can move out of my house. my paypal is [email protected]. thanks for reading.

Here you called your father abusive, your stepmother “terrifying,” and your birth mother “extremely cruel.” Is this true, or are you just a spoiled brat full of self-pity trying to raise money by playing victim?

It seems to me that Rain/River/Danika Lawless is a chameleon, who is engaged in what psychologists call mirroring, a behavior that is sometimes identified as a behavioral trait of sociopaths. The sociopath is a con artist who must gain the trust and sympathy of others to get them to serve his selfish purposes; one way this works is for the sociopath to “read” the target’s attitudes and reflect those attitudes. It would appear that Rain/River/Danika keeps inventing different online personae in an effort to find one that “works” in terms of the underlying goal, i.e., to solicit money. There is a certain consistency to the story she tells — her abusive family, and confusion about her gender/sexuality — but the details keep shifting, as if Rain/River/Danika is trying to improve her hustle. So she was first “trans” and then “nonbinary,” and now the story has shifted yet again. Now she’s a radical feminist, leading an “initiative,” and she’s against every evil force (capitalism, racism, Islamophobia, etc.) that Donald Trump symbolizes in the minds of progressives.

So, a month ago she introduced herself as “recovering” from depression and an eating disorder, and then two weeks ago, she announced she was the world’s biggest man-hater and then last week — oh, hey, just by the wayshe needs $200 so she can get a job. This weekend, however, a new crisis developed for Rain/River/Danika:


Her father is “about to shut off the Internet” because he doesn’t want her to have friends on the Internet, she says. Or maybe it’s because all this time she’s spending on the Internet is obviously feeding into her mental health issues. Even if her father has got no clue that she’s playing Rain/River/Danika, courageous leader of the #FeministsResist movement — and telling the whole world that he and his wife are abusive monsters — her father is probably sharp enough to see that there must be a connection between (a) his daughter spending all her time online, and (b) his daughter being an insolent, lazy brat. Also, maybe dangerous.






Those screencaps are from Ms. Lawless’s Jan. 23 video, “How To Make 2017 Year Of The Radfems.” Two days after the Women’s March on Washington, Rain/River/Danika was telling radical feminists “we need to bring our activism outside of the Internet and we have to be loud about it,” as if the massive protests on Jan. 21 weren’t “activism”?

In December, Rain/River/Danika planned “the perfect lesbian separatist utopia,” but in January, she stressed the need to “go after the people in power,” and “go after the actual enemy which is male supremacy.”

OK, the reader must be wondering by now, what’s the point here? It’s obvious that Rain/River/Danika Lawless’s dreams of leading a radical feminist “initiative” to destroy the male “enemy” is likely to be as successful as her attempt last year to raise $10,000 and move to New York. She has a perfect record of one failed hustle after another. None of her videos had even 300 views as of 11 a.m. ET today, and it would be easy to mock this as “LOL another crazy feminist,” but this is what Internet feminism is doing to many thousands of young girls in America.



Since 2014, as part of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign strategy, we witnessed constant promotion of the Feminist™ brand. This cynical blitzkrieg of propaganda on TV, in movies, and especially in online media was aimed at a selling young people a simple formulaic idea (a) “feminism is for everybody,” and therefore (b) vote for Hillary Clinton.

Many millions of dollars were spent promoting this message, with celebrities like Madonna and Beyoncé doing their part to help and, while this propaganda blitz failed to achieve its political goal, the cultural impact of this incessant drumbeat — “Feminism! Feminism! Feminism!” — has quite literally driven much of its target audience insane.





Laugh all you want at the feminist freak show, but there is a real human tragedy happening here. For the sake of one woman’s ambition — and the narrow partisan agenda of the Democrat leadership cabal — emotionally vulnerable young women have been cruelly misled into believing that feminist politics could solve their personal problems. Try to imagine the father of Rain/River/Danika Lawless, watching his teenage daughter waste her youth on her manic social-media obsession. Probably her father has no idea what kind of lunatic gibberish Rain/River/Danika is spewing out in her blogs and videos, and I’d bet $20 that her father voted for Hillary Clinton. Her stepmother — whom Rain/River/Danika describes as a “terrifying” child abuser — probably also voted for Hillary Clinton, but that’s not enough for the teenage radical feminist vegan witch.





Those screencaps are from her video “An Intro Of Sorts” that she posted to YouTube on Dec. 21. Four days before Christmas, you see, Rain/River/Danika Lawless was standing outside her family’s suburban townhouse — neatly landscaped with shrubbery — talking about what a “bitter angry lesbian” she is, condemning movies for “triggering people,” and denouncing “pseudo-intellectuals” who “think they’re brilliant.”

How crazy was Rain/River/Danika Lawless before the 2014 rollout of the Clinton/Feminist™ brand propaganda blitzkrieg? We don’t know, but the point is that over the past three years, she’s been sucked into the vortex of this whirlpool of radical insanity, along with many thousands of other young women who are babbling feminist jargon about “misogyny” and “gender” and “capitalist heteropatriarchy” on the Internet. And anyone who attempts to talk sense to these crazy cult fanatics is denounced as an agent of fascist oppression who hates women.

“Anti-feminists . . . are f–king evil.
They’re such disgusting human beings.”

And more from the same video:

“Men are so intimidated by women who know their worth.”

Rain/River/Danika Lawless says these things in a 20-minute YouTube lecture recorded in a bedroom of her father’s house, the same house from which she issues her denunciations of capitalism, makes pleas for contributions, and runs her “Feminist Witchcraft” Etsy account.


For only $6, this tarot card reading will tell you “how to achieve self love,” a subject about which the Feminist Witchcraft shop operator Rain/River/Danika Lawless is obviously an expert. Y’know, when somebody tells me their mental health is “abysmal,” my inclination is to believe them, and crazy is as crazy does. You may claim to be suffering from depression, eating disorders, gender dysphoria or some other psychiatric malady, but you don’t need a expert diagnosis to convince me, because I know crazy when I see it. Rain/River/Danika Lawless is wacko, bonkers, berserk, deranged, demented, non compos mentis, off her rocker, a few fries short of a Happy Meal and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Imagine if anyone took her seriously . . .

Officials Concerned by Militant Group’s
Video Threat of Anti-Police Violence

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Law enforcement agencies are bracing for potential violence after the leader of a radical feminist initiative announced “it’s OK to punch cops” in an online video posted earlier this month.
“This could lead to mass hysteria,” a Justice Department official said Thursday, warning that the so-called “Feminists Resist” group appears ready to unleash widespread attacks on police and others whom the organization’s radical lesbian founder has identified as part of “the actual enemy which is male supremacy.”
In the wake of recent outbreaks of violence in Washington, D.C., Berkeley, Calif., and other cities, federal authorities are “taking these threats very seriously,” the Justice official told reporters in a background briefing at the White House.
“Vandalism, arson, assault — this could escalate into a situation of anarchy at any time,” the official said. An FBI task force has been assigned to monitor the increasing threats of terrorist violence from militant feminist groups.
A bulletin was sent to state and local law enforcement agencies after the leader of Feminists Resist posted a YouTube video declaring: “It is OK to punch homophobes, it’s OK to punch cops, it’s OK to punch people who are anti-human rights. . . . If they’re a bigot, feel free to punch them.”
While federal officials have not yet identified the woman known only by her online pseudonym “Rain Lawless,” the threat of anti-police violence raised concerns on Capitol Hill.
“It’s about time we get serious about fighting domestic terrorism in this country,” said Rep. Billy Joe Bob McAdoo (R-Okla.), a member of the House Oversight Committee. “These radical feminists are as dangerous as any Islamic suicide bomber. Feminism is a totalitarian movement to destroy civilization as we know it.”
Democrats on Capitol Hill distanced themselves from Feminists Resist. “They don’t speak for me,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), considered a candidate to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election. “Punching cops is not something I’ve ever advocated officially, although I think we need to look at the question of why some cops deserve to be punched.”

Well, that kind of “fake news” is amusing to imagine, but it’s not really a joke. Remember how Barrett Brown went to federal prison after threatening an FBI agent in a crazy YouTube video meltdown? As much as I love how the Internet has democratized media — the Army of Davids effect — it has also unfortunately enabled deranged nutjobs and wannabe “activist” types to promote genuinely dangerous ideas. The social-media hive mind creates cliques and cults where kooks and weirdos echo and amplify their fringe beliefs. Nobody inside the Tumblr bubble where Rain/River/Danika Lawless lives her online existence is going to criticize a non-binary vegan feminist witch dreaming of a lesbian separatist utopia. Yet if you happened to encounter anyone in real life talking like that, you’d figure they were a psycho. Parents and teachers need to warn teenagers about the problem of Internet cult groupthink.

There are hundreds of millions of English-speaking Internet users. If only 1% of these people are radical feminists (or neo-pagans or whatever) this creates the potential of an online cult community, where everybody shares the same fringe obsession which would seem bizarre to most people, but which is normalized within the echo-chamber social-media environment where these weirdos congregate online. You’re a Druid into BDSM and polyamory? Somewhere on the Internet, there are at least a few dozen people who share your interests, and you can start a website where all you BDSM Druid polyamory freaks have online conversations.

However, latter-day Druids don’t count for much in terms of electoral politics, where influencing women voters is crucial, which is why Democrat donors poured many millions of dollars into promoting the Feminist™ brand over the past three or four years. This effort on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign had the effect of making feminism a mainstream topic, and many impressionable young women — too young to be cynical about this propaganda — took it quite seriously. Sucked into this whirling political vortex, where the rhetoric of “rape culture” and “misogyny” and “harassment” were the stuff of daily headlines, these teengers and 20-somethings were eager to prove themselves worthy of their “I’m With Her” stickers by liking/sharing/retweeting feminist messages on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many of these young feminists not only helped amplify the pro-Hillary messages of others, they made their own original contributions, writing posts on Facebook and Tumblr and other online platforms that added to the bandwagon enthusiasm. Well, who was filtering this stuff? Where were the grown-ups to act as editors? How were these Internet feminists “vetted” in terms of weeding out the crazies? And the answer is, nobody cared.

The folks running the Clinton campaign, and the various operatives at major pro-Democrat groups like Planned Parenthood, weren’t paying attention to the strange things happening on the periphery of the feminist whirlwind they’d ginned up for the 2016 campaign. As long as the Internet ruckus was helping mobilize women voters for Hillary, it didn’t matter how crazy it was, e.g., #ShoutYourStatus to fight herpes stigma. However, serious cultural damage was done by this Democrat Party crusade against the White Male Heterosexual Menace. The message of 2016, as understood by the typical college girl, was basically this:

White = BAD
Male = EVIL
Heterosexuality = RAPE
Republican = NAZI
Trump = HITLER

The lunatic Rain/River/Danika Lawless is simply one dot in a much larger pattern of craziness unleashed from the Pandora’s Box of feminism because of the Clinton campaign’s propaganda. Making the Democrat Party an anti-white, anti-male and anti-heterosexual organization — a hate group, really — turned out to be a losing strategy for Team Hillary, but in the process, Democrats have permanently warped the minds of a substantial segment of America’s youth. Go ahead and laugh at Rain/River/Danika and her #FeministsResist hustle, but this is the tip of a large iceberg of serious craziness in our society. Pandora’s Box has been opened, and the chaos won’t end for a long, long time.


Among feminism’s “core values,” she forgot to include insanity.



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