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The Destructive Regime of ‘Equality’

Posted on | January 8, 2018 | Comments Off on The Destructive Regime of ‘Equality’

For the past week, I’ve been reading Robert Conquest’s The Great Terror, a history of the darkest era in Stalin’s murderous dictatorship. We must never forget what bloody atrocities were committed in the name of “equality.” Darleen Click reports on Iceland’s feminist repetition of the history they have failed to learn:

Unless one has two people equally committed to performing their best, then the quality of the work done will devolve to the level of the worst worker. What is the incentive to be the best? Anyone who has worked in a union shop is familiar with this scenario. . . .
In the face of actual studies that show the wage gap is myth, this urgent push to ostensibly close it reveals a troubling desire to limit women’s choices and exert greater State control of all individuals. . . .

Thorgerdur Einarsdottir, a professor of gender studies at the University of Iceland, said the equal pay law was useful but was “no magic wand.”
“A law implementing a standardized job evaluation is not a solid fix to a problem this ambiguous,” she said. “The deeply rooted stereotypes that favor men and women for certain jobs and professions are the fundamental problem.”

Of course, the societal busybodies who wish to erase all sex differences are not above demanding either greater government interference in things like paid child care or even making the choice to be a stay-at-home mother illegal. . . .
As the Democratic National Committee put it in 2012, “We all belong to the Government.” And if the government decides the wage gap is more important than your bourgeoisie view of personal choice . . . well, stop being so deplorable.

Iceland is a democracy, not a dictatorship, but having your life controlled by the government — which is what happens when politicians impose laws that interfere with your ability to earn a living by destroying the efficiency of your workplace — is no more pleasant when it’s done by a legislature than when it’s done by a Soviet commissar. Really, what’s the point of having democracy, if the majority of voters are determined to pursue the same failed ideology that wrecked so many nations in the past century, from Russia on down to present-day Venezuela?

Socialism in the name of “gender equality” is no less wicked than socialism in the name of the “proletariat.” Both are incompatible with personal liberty, and harmful to the prosperity of society.

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