The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

How Trump Derangement Syndrome, #MeToo and Tumblrinas Ruined Disney

You probably never saw Raya and the Last Dragon, which was not exactly a box-office blockbuster — it barely broke even — and is certainly not destined to be remembered as a classic Disney cartoon. Nevertheless, Raya and the Last Dragon is historically important because the 2021 film marks the decisive turning point in the […]

Unwanted and Unloved: Younger Americans Are Facing a Lonely Future

When my children were little, I quickly discovered a cause for concern that most people never seem to notice: What was the point of raising my children properly, if everybody else was raising their children wrong? Eventually, you see, my sons and daughters would grow up and find spouses, and what were the chances they […]

The Death of #MeToo: ‘To Be Fair, It Was Never Actually About Helping Women’

The headline quote is Professor Glenn Reynolds’ reaction to a post by Jazz Shaw about how “the #MeToo movement abandoned women.” The thought occurs to me, “Is Jazz Shaw really so naïve as to believe the liberals were arguing in good faith?” And this in turn reminds me of something I once remarked about Conor […]

‘The Hard-Hitting Social Commentary We’re Trying to Get Across’

Because my 19-year-old daughter is a Harry Styles fan, I have a built-in bias against Olivia Wilde, the 38-year-old ex-girlfriend of Jason Sudekis, whom Styles is currently dating. Also, it should be pointed out, Wilde’s grandfather was an infamous Commie, which is all the more reason to hate her. Now, as the cherry on top […]

Louise Perry Gets It

Louise Perry is a young British writer who has just published her first book, The Case Against the Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century. Although she considers herself a feminist, the core of her argument rather resembles something I wrote in May 2010: Insofar as men and women are different, […]

Are ‘Higher Standards’ Really to Blame?

Who is Kylie Cheung? She writes “about gender, power, and identity at the intersections of culture and politics,” is “currently a staff writer at Jezebel, and . . . previously worked at Salon’s culture desk.” She has a BA in political science from USC, lives in Los Angeles, is the author of A Woman’s Place: […]

The Cul-de-Sac of Feminist Stupidity

What is a feminist? A woman who can’t get along with men. Feminism is an anti-male ideology, a political expression of the collective resentment of such women, none of whom has ever stopped to think that perhaps men are not the problem. This thought never occurs to a feminist for the same reason that a […]

Capt. Save-a-Hoe: ‘He Will Regret It Only Once and That Will Be Continually’

The term “Captain Save a Hoe” is, according to Urban Dictionary, derived from the title of a 1993 song by West Coast rapper E-40. It refers to a fool who imagines he can rescue bad women from their unfortunate destiny. It came to mind when I saw this New York Post story: Annie Wright, 21, […]

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