The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Memo From the Thought Police

Years ago, an episode of Seinfeld showed a stand-up sequence in which Jerry Seinfeld discussed catcalling, including one common variation seen in New York City, the “car honk.” A man in a car is sitting at a red light, a good-looking woman crosses the street in the crosswalk ahead of him, and the guy starts […]

Feminists Courageously Defending Their Right to Another Red Solo Cup

Having long ago noted the connection between (a) college girls getting drunk and (b) college girls getting raped, I knew that the “campus rape epidemic” hysteria would ultimately compel feminists to defend the right of underage girls to get completely blitzed: The former president of George Washington University had some practical advice for college women […]

Thank You, Professor Kitzinger!

“[R]adical feminism offers a theory central to which is an analysis of lesbianism and heterosexuality as political institutions and a rejection of personalized interpretations. . . . “Central to radical feminism is the belief that the patriarchy (not capitalism or sex roles or socialization or individual sexist men) is the root of all forms of […]

Emma Jackson, Victim of #Rotherham Rape Gangs: ‘They Like Us Naive’

Julie Bindel (@bindelj) was the first to report on The Rotherham Horror — the vicious sex-trafficking gangs of Muslim men who preyed on English girls, an atrocity officials ignored for fear of “racism” — and I want to begin this by giving her full credit for her work. One of the things that most shocked […]

The Rotherham Horror

Imagine if more than a thousand girls, some as young as 11, were sexually exploited by members of a fundamentalist religious cult. Now imagine that authorities refused to act to stop this heinous abuse of young girls because of their fear of offending public opinion. Except you don’t have to imagine this. It actually happened. And the […]


Cathy Brennan’s Twitter account @GIDWatch got suspended Tuesday because Brennan, a radical lesbian feminist, began “naming names” of those who had signed a petition to end the women-only policy of the Michigan Womyn’s Festival. Transgender activists have been attempting to take over feminist events and organizations, claiming that the fact that they were born with […]

Fat Feminist: ‘Stop Staring at Me!’

Erin McKelle Fischer (@ErinMcKelle) is a Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major at Ohio University we’ve encountered a few times previously. She has expressed hostility toward “penis-in-vagina sex” and the “norm” of heterosexuality. In June, we took note of her column about “the very real struggles that young feminists face.” Now she has another “very […]

How ‘Fringe’ Is Radical Feminism?

A few days ago, I happened to notice my Turner Middle School yearbook — the Signal, from 1973, when I was in eighth grade — on one of the bookshelves in my office, and started looking through it. My 11-year-old daughter Reagan became curious, and I began showing her some of the pictures, commenting on which […]

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