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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Delusions of Persecution: #TrigglyPuff’s Feminist Friend Jennie Chenkin Is Crazy

  When an event last week hosted by College Republicans at the University of Massachusetts was disrupted by a Hampshire College student named Cora Segal (see “What #TrigglyPuff Means”), the point-and-laugh reaction by conservatives was predictable. For more than two years, I have been urging conservatives to begin Taking Feminism Seriously. When I was assigned […]

Lawsuit Says Feminist @jenniferbedbaum Fired Employee in Purge of Lesbians

Jennifer Baumgardner (left) is being sued by Elizabeth Koke (right) How did I miss this story last fall? A former staffer at CUNY’s Feminist Press claims she was illegally fired [in December 2014] because her new boss thought the imprint was “too lesbian.” Elizabeth Koke filed a $3.5 million lawsuit against The Feminist Press, its […]

What #TrigglyPuff Means

  The phenomenon of #TrigglyPuff — Cora Segal, the angry feminist who disrupted an event at the University of Massachusetts this week — deserves extended analysis, and I’ve got a 4,000-word draft in queue, awaiting the final touches. Spending two days analyzing the social significance of this comedic phenomenon was perhaps too much, but that’s […]

Feminism Is a Synonym for ‘Shut Up’

A major goal of feminism is to silence opposition. Because their ideology cannot withstand informed and articulate criticism, feminists therefore requires a dishonest vocabulary of jargon that functions to disqualify and discredit their opponents. A man expressing disagreement with a feminist will invariably be accused of “sexism” or “misogyny,” and if he persists in his […]

Feminism: It’s About SCIENCE!

  Sex is about reproductive biology. Human beings are mammals, and any eighth-grader can figure out what that means in terms of sex. Once you understand this scientific definition of sex, everything else is just details. Young people have to figure out how to attract potential partners, how to choose a good partner from among […]

Feminists Demand Quotas for Award Nominations at Cannes Film Festival

What does “equality” mean? This is the question people fail to ask when they accept the claim that feminism is simply about equality. Most people think of “equality” as a synonym for fairness, and are willing to agree to a definition of feminism as equality, because everybody is in favor of fairness, right? If you […]

Jian Ghomeshi, Sexual Harassment and the Enchanted Crocodiles of Feminism

  Most Americans have never heard of Jian Ghomeshi, but he’s a celebrity in Canada. Ghomeshi was apparently a serial harasser of women. He was accused of sexual assault, put on trial and acquitted last month. This touched off an endless carnival of pontification by Canadian feminists, who are arguably the most unhinged feminists on […]

Beware of Sex in the Social Media Age (Because the Internet Is Forever)

  Jason Lee Weight is a young British writer/director who recently began producingĀ an animation series called Sam Sweetmilk and, according to a Tumblr blogger named Rosie, Jason Lee Weight is a rapist: This may be triggering so *TRIGGERWARNING*. It was typed in one sitting, so might be a bit all over the place. For a […]

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