The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Misogyny of Atheist Dudebros and the Godless Misandry of Lesbian Tumblrinas

Sarah is a 20-year-old social work student with a radical feminist Tumblr blog — adorned by a rainbow-colored Wicca pentagram — who hates men almost as much as she hates God: Overzealous atheists are 9 times out of 10 annoying racist misogynistic dudebros but in my opinion it’s totally justified for same sex attracted people to […]

Is Your Kid a Weirdo?

  America is in the grip of a crisis, namely a shortage of normal people. Evidence indicates that the population of kooks and freaks is rapidly increasing, and there are simply not enough sane people to keep the weirdos under control. Especially among the under-30 demographic, the United States is struggling to cope with the […]

On ‘Fragile Masculinity’

Sarah Taylor Gibson (@s_t_gibson on Twitter) is a young Christian college student who also calls herself a feminist, evidently having failed to understand what feminism actually requires. “There are no Christian feminists, because feminism is a sort of narcissistic idolatry, wherein women deny God and instead worship themselves as their own divinity.” — Robert Stacy […]

‘Rape Culture’ as Stalinism: Propaganda Tactics by ‘Hunting Ground’ Makers

Erica Kinsman is featured in The Hunting Ground. “All these people were praising him; they were calling me a slut, a whore. . . .I kind of just want to know, like, why me?” — Erica Kinsman Even while the new movie Trumbo engages in a whitewash of a notorious Communist, dishonest Stalin-era Soviet propaganda […]

Your Heterosexual Feminism Is Wrong

  Miriam Mogilevsky (@sondosia on Twitter) describes herself as “queer, gay, femme, and homoflexible . . . a lesbian with exceptions,” furthermore explaining: “I’m on the asexual spectrum somewhere . . . I don’t experience primary sexual attraction.” Also, she is into polyamory, “which means that I’m open to multiple committed and loving relationships, but […]

Hurt Feelings = Oppression?

In her perpetual hunt for victimhood, Jessica Valenti devotes an entire column to a “perhaps more insidious” form of discrimination, “everyday slights women can’t tangibly attribute to sexism”: These subtler forms of sexism that women face can be even more difficult to handle than explicit discrimination. If your pay is unfair or a boss makes […]

College Campus Cop Tells the Truth About ‘Rape Culture’ and Gets Fired

Saying Things No One Is Allowed to Say in 2015: The campus police chief has been fired at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, in Georgia, after he was quoted in the student newspaper as saying that most sexual assaults are not rape but “women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex.” The chief, Bryan […]

Queer Vegan Witch Accuses Radical Feminists of ‘Anti-Trans Violence’

David Salisbury (@davidsalisbury) describes himself as “a queer, vegan, Witch . . . chief of the DC Bureau of the Pagan Newswire Collective . . . High Priest of Coven of the Spiral Moon . . . involved with street activism with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and . . . a full […]

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