The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

No, Miss Universe Can’t Be 170 Pounds

  It should not be necessary to explain why a beauty queen is obliged to maintain her physique at or near her pageant-winning form during her yearlong tenure as the reigning Miss Whatever. She wins a local beauty contest, which qualifies her to compete at higher levels, on up to a national title and, perhaps, […]

Ask @HannahSmothers_: Is Cosmo Now a Lesbian Feminist Magazine?

As LGBTQ Culture Becomes More Mainstream, Queer Women Struggle to Find a Place of Their Own That’s the headline on an article published last month by Cosmopolitan magazine’s “sex and relationships editor,” Hannah Smothers. The Cosmo website features so much “LGBTQ” content nowadays that one wonders if the magazine has been taken over by lesbian […]

Never Take Advice From Feminists (The @FactoryGrrrl Edition)

How many times do I have to explain why you should never take romantic advice from feminists? Feminism is a movement organized around the grievances of unhappy women. If a woman is happy and successful in her life, she doesn’t need feminism, and so everything that feminists write about love and sex should be viewed […]

Feminism, and the Failure Thereof

One of the things that mystifies me about young Third Wave feminists is that, for all they talk about “empowerment,” they seem to complain constantly about their helpless victimhood. It seems clear to me that something has gone wrong in the War Between the Sexes, so that these sensitive young women have lost their sex’s […]

Transgender Cult Update

  News from Hollyweird: On Sunday night, Jill Soloway won an Emmy for directing the comedy series “Transparent,” and she made the most of her time onstage, advocating for the trans community and topping off her speech by saying “topple the patriarchy” not once, but twice. After thanking Jeff Bezos for allowing her to make […]

Andrea Dworkin Accused Hillary Clinton of ‘Betraying Younger Women’

Andrea Dworkin on the Monica Lewinsky scandal in January 1998: We are talking about a man who, in a predatory way, is using women, particularly young women. In this case, a woman who was working as an intern, for no money, because of her devotion to the Democratic Party and to him. In an alcove next […]

Feminism Is Anti-Male Hate Propaganda

  So I was scrolling through feminist blogs on Tumblr when I came across a post that began, “We can all easily agree that throughout history women and men were not equal.” To which I would reply: What do you mean by “equal”? and Nobody lives “throughout history.” Are these points obvious enough, or am […]

‘A Mad Scramble for Victim Status’

  Christina Hoff Sommers is old enough to remember the 1960s, and must be amused by the absurd protests that erupt whenever she appears on university campuses. Back in the day, when students rioted over the Vietnam War and the governor sent in the National Guard, it was a serious thing. Nowadays? Fat white girls […]

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