The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Feminism’s New Enemy: ‘Rape Truthers’

Speak of @AmandaMarcotte, and madness doth appear: No, the real reason [the Rolling Stone UVA rape story] is turning into such a big deal is there are a surprising number of people who want to deny that rape is a serious social problem and who want to push the idea that many rape cases are […]

‘Male Feminist’ Admits Well-Known Truth: ‘Male Feminists’ Are Scum

The more any normal person knows about feminism, the less inclined they are to call themselves a feminist. This is obviously true for women — does the name “Joyce Trebilcot” ring a bell? — but is doubly true for males. Sure, everybody sees what’s up when some guy in Hollywood or a powerful Democrat politician […]

Rape Culture Update

Rolling Stone’s @SabrinaRErdely has been so busy keeping us informed about how wealthy fratboys at elite universities routinely gang-rape 18-year-old girls . . . Wait, no. Actually, she hasn’t tweeted a single word in the past 18 days. We are nevertheless sure she’s been plenty busy, which explains why she hasn’t reported these stories: Police have […]

Sailing the ‘Sea of Misogyny’

Brendan O’Neill at Spiked Online: The buzzphrase of our age is ‘rape culture’. Fearmongering feminists claim women are surrounded by the threat of rape, as evidenced in everything from the Sun’s Page 3 to the continued existence of raunchy rock music, and are drowning in what one melodramatic columnist calls ‘a sea of misogyny’. Activists […]

As Real as Rape: How Bad Journalism Advances Feminism’s Anti-Male Agenda

“Campus activism about rape provides a means of disseminating the core message of feminist ideology, i.e., that men are evil and dangerous and that male sexuality is inherently violent and oppressive to women.” — Robert Stacy McCain, Aug. 10, 2014 Glenn Reynolds demolished the phony “college rape epidemic” meme in his USA Today column Monday, […]

As UVA Rape Story Falls Apart, Feminists Try to Save ‘Rape Culture’ Narrative

Reporting by the Washington Post and ABC News is steadily ripping to shreds the gang-rape story “Jackie” told Rolling Stone‘s Sabrina Rubin Erdely. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has a good summary of how the story is unraveling. It seems clear that editors at Rolling Stone did not adequately vet the story and, as Eric […]

The Rape of Credibility: Feminism’s Agenda and the Jackie Coakley Scandal

@ChuckCJohnson reports that the young woman pictured above is named Jackie Coakley, and that she was the main source for Rolling Stone‘s sensational (and now discredited) story about an alleged 2012 gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house. Can I say for certain that Coakley has been correctly identified? I cannot, but (a) […]

Less-Than-Surprising Praise

To say @AlisonWillmore enjoyed the new Reese Witherspoon movie is like saying a 13-year-old boy enjoys masturbation. Reese Witherspoon Plays The Year’s Most Satisfying Female Character In “Wild” The headline was sufficiently orgasmic I actually tried to read Ms. Willmore’s gooey wetness of a review and gathered that Wild is one of those dull movies […]

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