The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Failed Heterosexual

“Difficult.” That word came to mind today while I was reading a woman’s account of how, at age 30, she suddenly decided she’s a lesbian. Before quoting any of her story, let me say that there is a phrase popularized by the pickup artist (PUA) community,”hit the wall.” This term describes the point in a […]

The World Has Gone Mad

  The site is an interesting platform, which I have not previously used, but this topic seemed appropriate for a first effort: The rise of transgender mania — for which Bruce “Caitlin” Jenner is the celebrity poster boy/girl — can best be understood as a belated consequence of culture shifts that occurred 40 or […]

More Feminist Tumblr Stupidity

Here is a classic in the annals of bad logic: I’ve never met a self-identified men’s rights activist in real life and I’m guessing that’s due to any combination of the following reasons: 1. They realize that their passionate crusade against a fictitious version of feminism doesn’t hold up outside of their Reddit/4chan/meme troll internet […]

God and Man at #Skepticon: Atheist @RichardCCarrier Gets Banned

Richard Carrier mocks Christianity at Skepticon 2011. “I am a feminist because feminism is simply the belief that women should be treated as fairly as men, and there is no factual or rational reason to want the world to work any other way.” — Richard Carrier, 2012 “The accusations specifically against Richard Carrier are, sadly, […]

Why Is Heather So Angry?

Today, I’ve been researching an update on Zinnia Jones, and you may recall that Zinnia is married to Heather McNamara. So while wading deep into the swamp of Zinnia’s YouTube channel — trust me, it’s crazy — I came across this video, in which Heather McNamara does a “guest column” about pro-sex feminism: At about […]

On @Anne_Theriault and the Endless Futility of Feminist Revenge Fantasies

  Remember Jian Ghomeshi? He was the famous-in-Canada guy who was accused of rape and acquitted in a trial earlier this year. Some people might conclude that a “not guilty” verdict means that Jian Ghomeshi was, you know, not guilty. However, feminists in Canada had decided Jian Ghomeshi was guilty long before the trial began. To […]

Shocking News: @MaraWritesStuff Announces She Is Not Heterosexual

  The name Mara Wilson probably means nothing to you, and I’d never heard of her until today when I saw this headline: Mara Wilson is Queer: Actress Felt Moved To Say She’s One Of Us Considering that this headline is from the lesbian feminist site Autostraddle, you might think “one of us” is a […]

Shorter @AmandaMarcotte: ‘Masculinity Killed Those Gay People in Orlando’

“The horror story of Orlando lays bare what damage that this kind of dominance-oriented masculinity does to our society . . . It’s a stark reminder of why we, as a country, need to get past the politics of tough guy posturing and move towards a more thoughtful, inclusive society.” — Amanda Marcotte, June 13, […]

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