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In The Mailbox: 12.01.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Elon has advice for Disney, Walmart, Media Matters, & others.

357 Magnum: I’m Shocked – Shocked! – To Find A Politician Would Lie
EBL: Henry Kissinger RIP, No Backup “Plan B” For Biden, and MAGA Judicial Recusal?
Twitchy: U.S. Oil & Gas Association Absolutely Wrecks Gov. Hairgel, And The Oscar Goes To Pallywood For “Woman Crying Over Rubber Baby”, and Hamas Breaks Temporary Ceasefire Surprising Absolutely Nobody – Squad Hardest Hit
Louder With Crowder: Young Chiefs fan, who’s Native American, speaks out on Deadspin trying to ruin his life, Elon Musk tells woke companies blackmailing him to go f*ck themselves, but it’s what he said that media WON’T report, and UN Head Flies On Private Jet To Climate Conference…Where He Calls For TOTAL Fossil Fuel Phaseout
Vox Popoli: Bran Stark is Sauron, also, Don’t See That Often

American Conservative: Butchers, Brewers, and Bakers
American Greatness: High Winds Knock Over National Christmas Tree, Trad Catholic Family Dragged Out of Home at Gunpoint, Locked in Van After FBI ‘Goaded’ Teen to Post Offensive Memes, Dad Says, and The Unhinged Among Us
American Thinker: Did Democrat ‘Bird-Doggers’ Disrupt Congress on January 6? Contrary To Leftist Revisionism, Native American Culture Was Indeed Savage, and The Odious Reasons Behind The World’s Obsession With Gaza And The West Bank
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty II, Vacation Totty III, and Vacation Totty IV
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: The decline of Cuba’s education system and its teachers, Vatican hosts art of Fidel fan while dissident Cuban artists are persecuted and jailed, and The warehouse where the Cuban dictatorship stores all its atrocities
BattleSwarm: More Legal Trouble For Harris County Democratic Judge Lina Hidalgo, Israel Derezzes Hamas, Hezbollah Tron, and Breaking: Paxton Sues Pfizer
Behind The Black: ESA admits Ariane-6 will not fly until the summer of 2024, House committee passes its new commercial space act on partisan vote, SpaceX buys the company that makes its Dragon parachutes, SpaceX launches 25 payloads, including South Korea’s first five homebuilt surveillance satellites, Blacklisting is no longer enough, now the goal is justifying mass murder, and Real pushback: Corporate America eliminating college degree requirements for new hires
Cafe Hayek: Trade Is A Technology, also, “Theoretically Impossible” vs. “Practically Unlikely”
CDR Salamander: Front Or Flank – The Importance Of Words
Chicago Boyz: Sympathy for the Devil, Close To The Edge, and The Russo-Ukrainian War’s Electronic Warfare Front
Da Tech Guy: And just like that 10 Hour Days become 8 again, The bumpy road ahead in Israel, 15 Thoughts on 15 Years of Blogging Under the Fedora, What Kurt (and Sununu) Said, and The Biden Regime Has Gone Full Dystopian Science Fiction
Dana Loesch: Progressives Really Hate That American Indian Kid
Don Surber: All Hail Haley
First Street Journal: Run her out of town on a rail! You go, girl! Go ahead and hurt your own cause! The Journolism of The Philadelphia Inquirer, and A university professor right in theory, but wholly wrong in the real world
Gates Of Vienna: The Greens Want It All, “Bill Gates is a Problem for Democracy”, Culture Shock in Ourem, Little Girl ‘Lost’? Change Your Sex Like You Change Your Clothes, and A Room With a View
The Geller Report: Biden Regime Abandoning Israel, Report: UNRWA Teacher, Gaza Doctor Kept Israeli Child Hostages, and Genocidal Jew Haters Disrupt Annual NYC Christmas Tree Ceremony, Swastika Signs, Burning Stolen NYPD Gear
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, When Conspiracy Theories Become Spoiler Alerts, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know? Spider Pulsars, and 300 Pulsars and Counting
Hollywood In Toto: Mayim Bialik Shames Feminists for Silence on Hamas Rape, Torture, Will DailyWire+’s Lady Ballers Out Shock South Park?, Saltburn Offers More Empty Shocks from Promising Director, Whitney Cummings: ‘The Left Wants to Silence People’, and Why De Niro’s Diva Act Was Completely Out of Line
The Lid: Majority of Americans Now Live in Gun-Owning Households
Legal Insurrection: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Signs Law Essentially Banning Fossil Fuel Use by 2040, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Releases Statement After Palestinian Flag Appears on Their Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Float, ‘Irish Lives Matter’ Graffiti, Anti-Illegal Immigrant Signage Treated As ‘Hate Incidents’ in Northern Ireland, ‘Pro-Palestine’ Protesters at Oakland City Council Meeting Defended Hamas Terrorists, Denied the Holocaust, Attacked Israel, U. Michigan Cancels Anti-Israel Vote After ‘Pro-Palestinian’ Students Send Unauthorized Email Blast, and Nearly 4,000 Car Dealerships Beg Biden to Pull the Plug on ‘Unrealistic’ EV Mandates
Nebraska Energy Observer: True North, Old Friends, and I find I depend
Outkick: Tiger Woods Struggles In PGA Tour Return, Including Incredibly Relatable Shot That Landed In A Bush, Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen: First Ever Monday Night Football Flex Involves Removing Patriots Game Against Chiefs, Mike Tyson Refusing To Settle With Man He Punched After Being Harassed On Airplane, Mother Of Young Chiefs Fan Confirms Her Son Is Native American, Blasts Deadspin, Amazon’s Barry Sanders Documentary Is One Of The Best Sports Documentaries Ever Made, Arkansas Welcomes Back Bobby Petrino With Country Club Membership Along With A Hefty Contract, and Mark Cuban Shockingly Sells Dallas Mavericks Majority Stake; Is He Having A Crisis?
Power Line: Pallywood’s latest blockbuster, They’re Coming For Your Beef, Kissinger dies at 100, and Ireland Goes Fascist
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Demands Explanation For Biden “Voter Mobilization” EO
Shot In The Dark: Open Letter To MN GOP Central Delegates, Shane McGowan, The Miseducation of Miguel Cardona, What if Someone Threw A “Genocide”…, Throwback, and The Bolt From The Blue Redux
The Political Hat: Catholic School Teaching Critical Race Theory To Kindergarteners
This Ain’t Hell: Hitting what you aim at…not, Marine officer thinks mustangs dirty up the “Aristocracy” of the officer corps, Iran Upgrades Air Force, Three More Accounted For, Yet another Osprey crash, Social Grooming, who are the victims? and Henry Kissinger dies at 100
Transterrestrial Musings: Why People Think The Economy Sucks, Ruth Marcus’s Tome On Kavanaugh, Violent Left-Wing Networks, Prospects For Peace In the Middle East, and A Good Start
Victory Girls: Mayorkas Refuses To Apologize To Border Patrol Agents, also, Child Hostages Bear Witness to Hamas’ Torture
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Agencies Neglect Anti-Asian Discrimination in Education
Watts Up With That: Bone-Chilling: Last Christmas, the U.S. narrowly averted an energy disaster that would have decimated New York City and killed thousands, Changing History to Control You, Canadian Green Electricity Push Blocked by Alberta, and Get Ready for Another Pointless United Nations Climate Conference
The Federalist: Ridley Scott Reduces Napoleon From Man Of Destiny To Man Baby, Media’s 2024 Pitch To America: Be Poor Because Democracy Depends On It, Transgender Your Businesses, Nonprofits, And Schools, Or No Federal Grants For You, Dan Goldman Is A Hunter Biden Laptop Truther, The Real Conspiracy Theorists About U.S. Elections Are Legacy Media, White House Pretending TikTok ‘Disinformation’ Stokes Price Fears Is An Insult To Americans, and All The Ways Americans Benefit From Republicans Voting To Expel George Santos
Mark Steyn: The Common Good in Uncommon Times, Morning Comes Quickly, and Diversity Rape of the Day

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