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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Did Roger Shuler Violate Alabama Law by Impersonating an Attorney as ‘RogerS’?

Portrait of a Kook: Roger Shuler On Oct. 24, Patterico called attention to a commenter using the name “RogerS” at, a site rather notorious for attacking enemies of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser. Conspiracy theorists won’t believe it was just a coincidence that, the day before Patterico published that post, authorities in Shelby County, […]

Does Brett Kimberlin Really Need Another Lesson in ‘The Streisand Effect’?

Aaron Walker tells the story of his most recent encounter with the “Speedway Bomber.” It’s like Wile E. Coyote and Acme rocket skates: You might think he’d learn a lesson, but somehow he never does: Brett Kimberlin – who spent 17 years in federal prison after being convicted as Indiana’s infamous “Speedway Bomber” – showed […]

News Flash: Crazy People Are Dangerous

Bill Schmalfeldt of Elk Ridge, Maryland, a.k.a. “Liberal Grouch” Aaron Walker discussed the most recent evidence that Bill Schmalfeldt is a deranged sadistic sociopath, as if more evidence were necessary. But I think people are taking too lightly the menace to public safety posed by this swarm of obsessive Internet cyberstalkers whose persistent harassment has […]

June 3: Bill Schmalfeldt Begins Cyberstalking Aaron Walker

Bill Schmalfeldt is one of the strange characters in the troll army that has been harassing targets of the Kimberlin-Rauhauser Axis for the past several months. Schmalfeldt recently called attention to himself by cyberstalking me (see, “Pray for Ten Thousand Angels,” Nov. 23), but research shows that he has been at it since June. His […]

The Continuing Newsworthiness of the Weird Kimberlin-Rauhauser Story

Brett Kimberlin could have been sentenced to 230 years in federal prison “Keep in mind that Rauhauser, by inciting Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Patterico, has obligated Patterico to avoid writing about this subject on advice of counsel, and Aaron Walker‘s attorneys have advised him likewise. So two of the bloggers most knowledgeable about what I […]

Auto-Marginalization: @BrooksBayne Decides to Jew-Bait (!) Aaron Walker

Did I ever mention that I was friends with the late Sam Francis? That I have shaken hands with Pat Buchanan and once interviewed the late Joe Sobran? I’m bringing this up — doing “guilt-by-association” against myself, as it were — to make the point that I’ve hung out with Thought Criminals of the Dreadnaught class, the kind […]

U.S. District Court in Maryland Dismisses Walker v. Kimberlin Federal Lawsuit

Just got this from an attorney for Aaron Walker, reporting that the federal lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin was dimssed today: The court decided to duck the entire matter as a “dispute between political enemies”, and we disagree with his assessment as to the Court’s inability to grant the remedies sought. We disagree with the ruling […]

Exit, Lying: Smear Site Quits After Being Named Walker v. Kimberlin Defendant

Readers who have been following The Kimberlin Files these past four months may recall that, as soon as I began reporting on convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin’s “lawfare” harassment of blogger Aaron Walker, I came under attack by the Twitter sockpuppet troll account (a “synthetic presence,” you might say) known as “Breitbart Unmasked.” This Twitter […]

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