The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Your Semi-Official Obama vs. Syria Armageddon Predictions Thread

“Obama: Anatomy of a World Leader,” by Alex Gray (detail) Let me jump out in front of the anti-war movement before U.S. attacks Syria: "OBAMA LIED! PEOPLE DIED! NO W.M.D.! FIRE CAN'T MELT STEEL!" — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) August 27, 2013 We’re supposed to start bombing the crap out of Damascus sometime soon, because […]

More Of This, Less Of Its Cause

by Smitty I didn’t bother posting on Alan’s earlier remark. But the apology, and forgiveness, are two of the most powerful and under-utilized tools in our culture. The former, because hearts are so hard that ‘New Tone’ is mostly honored in the breech, and the latter, because politics is blood sport set to something off […]

Colmes Interviews Breitbart

by Smitty I discovered that Andrew Breitbart is one part Abbie Hoffman, one part performance artist, one part indignant former liberal and, well, see for yourself. The comments are mildly amusing. More Breitbart goodness at American Power.

The Progressive Hits Just Keep On Coming. The GOP Wasted Money?

by Smitty Alan Colmes continues to be a more refined form of silliness than the SOL/PuffHo. The other day I was noting the sanctimonious concern for the poor. Now we observe him, get this, fretting that “GOP Shutdown Threats Already Costing Us Money“. This is hysterical, in both the ancient and modern senses of the […]

Get Stuffed, Alan Colmes

by Smitty The biggest problem with waxing poetic about our beloved founders and the great love of country that conservatives think is lost on “the liberals” is that they’re nostalgic for a myth. No, Alan, you’re the myth-head: there was indeed a time before the Progressives, when the country was not on a debt-slavery course. […]

Sarah Palin Channels Nevada Heat, Breaks Window In Alaska

by Smitty Alan Colmes: The headquarters of Alaska’s Democratic Party was vandalized over the weekend and the state party chair thinks the incident was influenced by Sarah Palin. He then offers mad propz to Sarah Palin’s rhetoric-fu, quoting Patti Higgins, state chair of the Alaska Democratic Party “In the beginning I didn’t think she knew […]

Alan Colmes Asks After The Sugar

by Smitty Alan Colmes points out that the POTUS has a 53% approval rating in the latest polls. Colmes has a non-cranial point here: the Right-o-sphere should demonstrate more grace than the Left ever did for BHO’s predecessor. “Where is the sugar?” asks Alan. Def Leppard has it: Actually, this post is merely an excuse […]