The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Barrett Brown Cops a Plea

September 2012: Barrett Brown vows to ‘destroy’ an FBI agent More than a year and a half since the paranoid YouTube meltdown that got him arrested on charges of threatening an FBI agent, former Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown has signed a plea bargain agreement with federal prosecutors on hacking charges: Barrett Brown, whose case became […]

‘It Is Not Journalism. It’s Crime.’

Barrett Brown promotes atheism on Fox News, January 2009 Until this afternoon, I had never heard of Catherine Fitzpatrick, but in September she put up an excellent and lengthy article debunking the Barrett Brown victim myth. Fitzpatrick first encountered Barrett circa 2005 in the online virtual world Second Life, where he was part of a […]

Barrett Brown Does Some Excellent Writing From Jail, Where He Belongs

Barrett Brown in meltdown mode, Sept. 12, 2012 “Thinking himself a sort of one-man Woodward and Bernstein who would heroically expose the Hidden Secrets of the Surveillance State, Brown instead exposed himself as a blundering amateur who got himself in so far over his head that he couldn’t handle the catastrophic result.” — Robert Stacy […]

Inmate Number 288928

Roger Shuler, Shelby County Jail inmate No. 288928 “Shuler is his own worst enemy. . . . He seems to enjoy being his own lawyer. He has given his only client some bad advice.” — U.S. District Judge William Acker, Jan. 28, 2011 “At some point during the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency, […]

Roger Shuler: Another Kook Succumbs to ‘Investigative Blogger Syndrome’

Portrait of a Kook: Roger Shuler “Shuler has not shown that any clearly established right has been violated. His only alleged evidence is a recorded phone call that he says supports the notion that he was terminated because of the political content of his blog. However, Shuler’s own transcript of the phone call shows only […]

Anonymous and the Super-Hero Fantasy

Esquire magazine profiles a loser: Known as Deric Lostutter to the government, DJ to his mom, and Shadow to his oldest friends, he was twenty-five years old and working as a waiter in a pizza-and-beer joint for eight bucks an hour, getting home at two or three in the morning stinking of kitchen grease. One […]

Barrett Brown and the Thug-Mob Anarchist Threat of ‘Anonymous’

Barrett Brown interviewed by NBC’s Michael Isikoff, 2011 “There are strong reasons for believing that what to us appear the worst features of totalitarian systems are not accidental byproducts but phenomena which totalitarianism is certain to sooner or later produce. “Just as the choice architect who sets out to plan economic life will soon be […]

Barrett Brown and ‘Team Themis’

Barrett Brown explains his ‘informational schematic,’ December, 2010 Excuse me for dwelling on Barrett Brown today, but amid a coordinated media push to beatify Saint Barrett of the Blessed Suboxone, it’s important to keep pushing back, even if some readers are getting bored by this celebrity criminal douchebag. Here’s a key section from Alexander Zaitchik’s […]

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