The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The New Media Proletariat

It is rather a painful thing to acknowledge that Joy McCann is onto something when she remarks about the advent of a two-tiered blogging hierarchy. And it is even more painful to see my friend Jerry Wilson’s expressions of resentment toward Ed Morrissey about this. In all honesty, despite what anyone may suspect from certain […]

‘It Looks Like I’m in the Process
of Getting Completely Boned’

No, that’s not a quote from the memoirs of JFK’s teenage mistress, who performed oral sex on a Secret Service agent at the president’s request. Instead, it’s Little Miss Attila describing her situation: It looks like I’m in the process of getting completely boned by a well-known right-wing activist organization, which contracted me to work […]

Little Miss Attila Resurfaced

by Smitty Yay! It sounds like she may not make CPAC, though. Bummer.

No Joy (McCann) in Mudville

Several commenters have been wondering why I haven’t blogged about Herman Cain’s victory in yesterday’s straw poll. Others have tried to bait me into writing about Rick Perry’s “N–rhead” hunting camp, or Cain’s comments about that controversy. Short answer: Because there is no point in my doing so. I’m not Michael Barone or Jennifer Rubin. […]

How to Be the Best Dad Ever

It’s not nearly as hard as you might think. This afternoon a friend asked me to blog about some urgent political news, to which request I replied: “Remind me to talk to you some time when I’m not in a black pit of depression.”

The Politics of Nostalgia

It turns out that “progress” involves a giant leap backward for a lot of progressives, including Paul Krugman. This is the burden of Jim Manzi’s observations about Krugman’s nostalgia for the lost Golden Age of the 1950s and ’60s: It is Krugman’s idealized childhood that is the true destination of his allegedly progressive longings. To […]

Women Are Mean to Me

Little Miss Attila accuses me of advocating “sex-segregated Puritan libertinism.” What I was actually doing, of course, was having fun at the expense of spoilsport Caitlin Flanagan. But let’s face it: I have too much fun. Amanda Marcotte also decided to take a poke at me, for which I’m grateful, since she thereby called my attention […]

Congratulations to Little Miss Attila

by Smitty . . .on the occasion of 1 megahit on her blog. Confession: I’m dumbfounded she’d not past that milestone long ago. I blame other slackers in the dextrosphere. Here something crunchy to celebrate, lady: Update: fellow Fedorable Fishersville Mike is pushing 100k.

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