The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Friday Open Thread

— by Wombat-socho Stacy being bedeviled by the site’s annual DNS renewal, and Smitty being somewhere betwixt der Oder und der Rhein, it’s left to me to keep Friday from being a joyless, postless day. God help you all. I got nuthin’ but this awesome banner.* Talk amongst yourselves. *(h/t Moe Lane)

Obligatory Seriousness About Commenting

— by Wombat-socho Moe Lane has already done me the enormous favor of outlining what my policy is on trolls, so this will be a mercifully short post. I just want to spotlight a few things that I am finding particularly banworthy in recent days, for the benefit of those Loyal Readers who want to […]

‘No Poor Man Ever Gave Me a Job’

As an impoverished American — hey, buddy, you wanna try raising six kids on a freelance journalist’s income? — I look on in amusement at the self-described “Patriotic Millionaires” who insist that they should pay more taxes. I agree with Moe Lane: “Raise Your Own Damned Taxes.” Contrary to all the class-warfare demagoguery pouring forth from […]

When Moe’s On, He’s On

“Let me see if I can guess the contents of the article, based on just the title (‘Governor Walker’s Coup D’Etat’): Robert Reich is going to use the Rubber Bands of Mendacity, Hyperbole, and Bad Polling to create a Frankenstein’s Monster of an assertion that somehow Governor Walker — with his voting majorities in the state […]

‘Twentysomething Unwashed Creeps in Balaclavas Who Simultaneously Reek of Patchouli Oil and Rage Against the Machine’

Moe Lane sure knows how to turn a phrase, doesn’t he? Myself, I prefer the simple old-fashioned “godless Bolshevik scum,” but your mileage may vary. (Hat-tip: Instapundit.)