The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

A Short List . . .

. . . of Astoundingly Stupid Things No Conservative Blogger in His Right Mind Would Ever Even Think About Doing: Publish posts conflating “neocons” and “Jews” in such a way as to provoke accusations of anti-Semitism. Respond to such accusations by publishing deranged rants against Jews. Get into hateful public pissing matches with Ace of […]

I Must Be Missing Something Here

by Smitty Political ByLine has a solid roundup on yet another classy outburst in the political discourse, this time from the Left, a T-shirt saying ‘[verb] tea’. I went to their site, [URL NSFW if image clicked] and they appear to *shudder* be. . .selling stuff. Maybe our hipsters like Young4Eyes and gg can help […]

Hear, Hear

by Smitty Patrick at Political Byline on the narrative shaping surrounding the University of Alabama tragedy. Specifically, he took umbrage with the Boston Herald for this quote: “‘She was an oddball – just not very sociable,’ said Sylvia Fluckiger, a former lab technician who worked with Bishop in 1993.” What bothers me is this; there […]

Submitted to the Court of Public Opinion

by Smitty This end of the blog has no idea what Stacy is up to. There is a full-time job I go to, and I don’t check my personal email there. Thus, should there be a serious need to get ahold of me, you need to know my desk phone number. As a casual reader […]