The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Alyssa Milano in Lingerie
UPDATE: ‘#GoKings’ Raises $29,374 for Children’s Hospital in NHL Hashtag Battle

Just because we can: Obviously, there is no need to justify Alyssa Milano in lingerie. But I was noticing it’s kind of been a bit too much all-politics-all-the-time here and I figured the readers might be getting bored. However, it’s also for a good cause, because look what Alyssa just Tweeted: So go Tweet “#GoKings” […]

Blogpocalypse Now

by Smitty What an unreal season. Stacy McCain has both been linked by AllahPundit and re-Tweeted by Alyssa Milano in the space of a month. I wonder if I should spill the beans and admit that Allahpundit actually is Alyssa Milano, or keep that under my Fedora. . .

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done . . .

. . . which is the kind of double-dog-dare-ya thing you should never say to me. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tweet Heard ‘Round the World: My response was appropriately dignified: How long has this been my goal? Remember, this all started when Alyssa Milano re-Tweeted a post by Mickey Kaus last October. At that time, she had […]

For the First Time Ever, Rush is Wrong

“I’m not going to do Twitter. There’s no way to make any money on Twitter. Twitter is just fad type stuff.” — Rush Limbaugh Twitter is a communication tool. Millions of people — including Alyssa Milano’s 1,038,358 followers — use Twitter to communicate. And you can’t communicate with those people if you’re not on Twitter. […]

Alyssa Milano Loves Her Dodgers

They’re having tough luck this season, playing .500 ball but still nine-and-a-half games behind the Padres in the NL West. Win or lose, our Alyssa remains loyal to Dodger Blue: (Hat-tip: Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress.)

Alyssa Milano Re-Tweeted This, So . . .

. . . I take that as a hint she wants me to blog about it: Top 10 Reasons I Did Not RT Your DM Request This article is not meant to offend anyone, but I am sure it will. If you have ever been asked to retweet links for someone, at least I think you can sympathize. I […]