The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Wheel Turns on SPLC’s Heidi Beirich

  Exclusive news from PJMedia’s Tyler O’Neil: In December 2018, a Baltimore lawyer filed a devastating lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and two of its employees. The SPLC targeted Glen Keith Allen over his former ties to the National Alliance (NA), a white nationalist group. In doing so, the liberal group allegedly violated laws […]

YouTube Suspends Jordan Peterson’s Daughter @MikhailaAleksis

  If the Left ever decides you’re an Enemy of Social Justice, they won’t stop at trying to destroy your life, they’ll also attempt to destroy the lives of your family members. This appears to be the case with Professor Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila, whose YouTube account just got a “first strike” suspension because . […]

It’s the Degeneracy, Stupid

Instapundit calls attention to a study showing a 5-point IQ decline between men born in 1975 and those born in 1991 — between Generation X and Millennials, in other words — and researchers blame this on increased childhood time spent on computers, smartphones and videogames. Ace follows this with research showing that too much screen […]

The Happiness Industrial Complex

  Young people (and by “young,” I mean under 40) generally know nothing about the 1960s, except what they’ve seen in movies or on TV, and therefore some are falling prey to the same scams and hustles that typified the so-called “Age of Aquarius.” For the benefit of these young fools, therefore, I must explain […]

Cause and Effect: Cultural Decadence

  One of the Bad Ideas of recent years that bothers me most — because it is both widely believed among the elite and easily demonstrable as wrong — is Richard Florida’s theory of the “Creative Class”: While I was in Massachusetts last fall for a book event hosted by Pete Da Tech Guy, we […]

Ruby Rose: Not Lesbian Enough for SJWs

  In case you don’t know, The CW is a cable network, jointly owned by CBS and Warner Brothers, that has a demonstrable pattern of putting homosexual characters into all its shows. Like, there was a lesbian character named Lexa on The CW’s show The 100 who had a romance with another of the female […]

The New Totalitarians

  In Seattle, a green-haired “nonbinary” person attacked a teenage Trump supporter who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Meanwhile, the Christian blogger Eternity Matters has been suspended from Twitter for saying transgender people are mentally ill, an assertion which just happens to be a matter of fact. Elsewhere, Baltimore Pride’s 2017 “Youth Activist […]

Derek Weida Doesn’t Grasp That David Hogg May Not Grasp That The 2A’s Not The Issue

by Smitty Derek is a wounded warrior, trying to cast a Spell of Reflection on the young cameraphile: I’m actually kinda with the anti-gun folk. There’s no need BUT! I’ve learned that the way I live and the things I believe have nothing to do with how others want to live or what they want […]

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