The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Atheist Vegan YouTuber ‘Onision’ Accused of Being a Creepy Sexual Predator

“Let me ask you something: If you murder animals on a regular basis, do you really think I give a f–k about your opinion?” — Onision, April 2009 Gregory Daniel Jackson, a/k/a “Onision,” is a YouTube personality with about 2 million subscribers who was originally famous for a silly performance called “I’m a Banana.” Now […]

Death by ‘Blue Pill’

  In January, I wrote about the case of Grant Amato (“Florida Man Kills Family After Stealing Money to Contact a Bulgarian Whore”), sarcastically making what seemed to me a rather obvious point:  If you were going to steal $200,000 for a whore, why wouldn’t you find a local whore, instead of some whore in Bulgaria you […]

The Antonym of ‘Dignity’: Guys, Never Do What Liam Hemsworth Did

  Do I want to write about Miley Cyrus again? No, like every other human being with any sense of decency, I’d prefer to ignore her existence. She is a disgrace to humanity, a noxious stain on the planet. After my Monday post (“Never Trust a Bisexual”) about how Miley had betrayed her husband Liam […]

The Red Pill Never Lies

  Rollo Tomassi has a post about how our culture increasingly encourages female promiscuity; women’s irresponsible behavior is called “empowerment,” and and men are expected to accept the consequences. In a feminine-primary social order, as Rollo calls it, male preferences are considered irrelevant at best, harmful at worst, but quite generally wrong in every case. […]

More ‘Red Pill’ Thoughts

Went to bed early Thursday night — it was a long day — and woke up early to start putting together my thoughts on the Democrat debate I missed, but then started engaging the comments on “Missing College Girl Mackenzie Lueck Was a Social-Media ‘Sugar Baby’ Whore.” This inspired some thoughts that I want to […]

Corporate Censorship: A Short History of the Social Media Thought Police Regime

  In the sidebar, Ace of Spades beats Ben Shapiro like a rented mule: Now that YouTube is deplatforming conservatives who don’t tow the line on the sexual left’s zero-tolerance-for-anything-less-than-complete-validation agenda on homosexuality and transgenderism, Ben Shapiro — who, oh yeah, makes a lot of money from YouTube — suddenly has a problem with the […]

Google Lawsuit Proceeds

  A California judge ruled Friday that a lawsuit accusing Google of employment discrimination against conservatives, males and white people can proceed to the discovery phase. Clara County Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh rejected Google’s motion to dismiss in the class-action lawsuit. James Damore, who was fired by the Internet giant in 2017, was the […]

Sociology Professor Who Quoted ‘Red Pill’ Sites Forced Out of Canadian University

  In 2011, University of New Brunswick sociology professor Ricardo Duchesne published The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, a critique of multiculturalism. In 2017, Professor Duchesne published Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age: At this pivotal moment in recent Western history, Richard Duchesne tackles what may be the most crucial question for people of European descent: […]

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